Greetings for this new year!

“Our choices are clear. We either continue arguing for sides
and trying to fix the past, or start engaging as the
Heaven on Earth Construction Crew towards finding solutions
for our lives, communities, and the wider world!

Jennifer Hough

This past year offered so much clarity and contrast, bringing ‘the dark into the light’, revealing it both in the world, and in my own life.

As we’re shutting the door on the closing year, let’s declare it complete, with great gratitude.

I know I’m so thankful for all that came to light, making me laser beam focused on this coming year. I’m looking at ways to assist humanity more creatively than I’ve ever considered before, and all while simplifying as much as possible. Phew!

Our choices are clear. We either continue arguing for sides and trying to fix the past, or start engaging, as the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, towards finding solutions for our lives, communities, and the wider world.

When I hear that niggling little internal voice I tell myself, and anyone else finding themselves polarized, “I understand how you’re feeling, and that must really suck!” It quietens the ego as I whisper these words to myself or others, neutralizing that little voice, and attracting all that contributes to harmony.

And then the words, “Show me,” come to mind. Just show me, Life; what do I need to know to live with meaning, fulfillment and the inspiration to wake up energized?

Here’s a few things to help make that your reality in 2023:

  1. Thank those who shook your tree or inspired you this year; either way you achieved clarity.
  2. Be clear what you need to do in order to consistently give from your overflow. Think about any new practices you’ll need to integrate into your daily life, and schedule them.
  3. Clear the decks of any ‘shoulds’ or situations where you’re settling for less than you deserve.
  4. Finally, just before drifting into sleep, ask to be shown what you need to know. Keep a notepad beside your bed to capture moments of inspiration.

Willingly leaning into your life gives permission to others witnessing it to do the same in theirs. The old polarity doesn’t deserve your energy, except for the clarity it provides.

Are ya with me?

With love this season,



When things change…

When things change…

Well, my old backpack died after 13 years of climbing mountains, going to swim with dolphins, and chasing rainbows in Hawaii. It’s the beige backpack. I’m thinking of all the people whom we’ve taken on Wide Awakening Adventures and program trips (including you!)

Honestly, letting it go was hard as I happily remembered being with Cathy in Bimini, Vikki in Italy, Nika in Asheville, Amy in Abaco, Jenny in Uxbridge, and so many more special moments. That backpack was a constant companion for all of it. When I threw it in the trash, I really felt I should have a ceremony, SO I DID!

It feels like everything is up to leave this year … clearing the decks with the Winter Solstice, Jeshua’s birthday coming, New Year celebrations, and all.

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We have beliefs about money (we all do)…

We have beliefs about money (we all do)…

This week I’m feeling called to share with you an excerpt from my #1 international best-selling book: UNSTUCK: The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Chapter 4: Financial Expansiveness: What It Takes To Truly Thrive…

“The truth is that your natural state is one of abundance. I’m sure that you might respond to that statement by saying, “If it’s true that my natural state is abundance, how come it’s not reflected in my checkbook?”

I would counter that you are already abundant. Unfortunately, if this area of your life is an issue, the part of you that doesn’t want to acknowledge how abundant you really are is trying to train your brain to collect evidence to the contrary.

Why would it do that? Well, it’s dangerous to have money. People like me don’t have money. Tall poppies get their heads chopped off. It’s more virtuous not to have money. It doesn’t matter if we figure it out because we are probably only figuring it out from the perspective that we are broken.

Somehow, we operate under the flawed premise that knowing why we are broken might fix us. Right? See how it works?

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It’s easy for me to disconnect from my future

It’s easy for me to disconnect from my future

I want to share with you this week a recent experience with my sweetie about staying connected to others, and what good is that if you are not connected to yourself!

His back has been really hurting him lately, and he is doing so much to ensure he makes his connection to his body, the future he wants, and his guidance.

When he is in pain, it’s easy for me to disconnect from my future, my guidance and my heart because I worry. Which, of course, doesn’t last very long (minutes, in fact) because you know what I know… that it is so disempowering to our partners and those we love to not know “they have this.”

In fact, worrying has the opposite result from the one I desire, which is that he finds his way to healing and health. My worry tells consciousness that I don’t trust his connection, nor does he have his own ability to heal.

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