The cost of being right!

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“The issue is never the issue …
that you make it the issue, is the issue.

Jennifer Hough

Recently, while on a flight, I had a great discussion with a lovely woman whose perspective on life is very different from mine. In short, she suffers a lot and is angry most of the time. The perceived reasons for her upset are all outside herself and, although she tried super hard to convince me it was because of all the messed up people out there, alas, she didn’t win!

As you may know, I’m a relentless champion of deeper truths and higher conversations and, at this time of year, I thought I’d share this as you, or your friends, may need to hear it.

The Cost of Being Right

  • Be aware, others may no longer listen to you because it feels as though you’ve placed yourself above them, separating yourself from them.
  • You may shut down the space in which someone shares information which helps you better understand the situation.
  • Potentially sacrificing intimacy on every level.

The Benefits of Seeking to Understand Before You Seek to Be Understood

  • You show respect and interest in who they are and their position.
  • Allow the space for an intelligent and co-creative exchange.
  • You exemplify a different way of communicating which may impact how the other person chooses to communicate.

These simple things can change the world.

We are all Agents of Awakening and members of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew!

Whether you’re a company president, a team leader, a dad, a teenager or a visionary of something world changing – or maybe all of them! – please be vigilant about what you’re sending out into this world, remember it could go viral!

Let the high road win, this and every time of year … pass it on!

With love this season,




Choose. Which way do you live?

Choose. Which way do you live?

Today, I wanted to share a wonderfully activating experience.

Have you ever felt as though you’re on the precipice of what’s next? Like life is calling? Like there is no going back?

When my life started to look like it wasn’t headed in the direction of my vision, I started to panic. It was only my personality doing the panicking because, inside, I knew that life’s incongruencies were asking me to step up and become more. I felt inspired to head over to a nearby lake.

My mind was racing around a million worries, not least of which was the question of whether my husband would walk again? Added to that was the running of the business and keeping the house in flow, all while my family was in a health crisis.

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Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

“… Money is a big, fraught topic for most people because they think it’s what makes the world go round. Uh, by the way, it’s not. Magnetics makes the world go round, both figuratively and literally.”

So, if that’s the case and we have beliefs about money (we all do), should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong? I will depart from the answer I would typically give on this subject.

Why? Because the ideas about money in this world have such a stronghold on our reality that it takes a pure outlook on the subject, with no strings attached, for someone to let the past belief go and let abundance flow.

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