I’m writing to you from a kid’s slide in a park that has no children right now, as it is dinner time.  So much is available to us when we get out of the house, get a new view, and for instance, see things from the eyes of a child.  Sometimes it’s even more magical to hear the wisdom of our elders, ancient ones, shamans, and wise parables.

I recently attended a profoundly moving event, where so much wisdom was shared that put a deeper context about our lives here on Earth.  It was so freeing.

My dear friend, Laura Gisborne, created the powerful Limitless Women event and there are two stories that I want to share from that weekend. They were from Sage Levine (who is a sister from another mister), and the incredible Lynne Twist of the Pacha Mama Alliance.

They shared prophecies of the years to come from elders of the Achuar (Ecuador) and Cherokee (USA) tribes. This video pays forward that information and explains why ‘Going Direct’ is so important.

Please Listen with your whole heart … and Enjoy!

Xo, Jennifer

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