Silly Ego… tricks are for kids!

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, August 12, 2015

“Expanding forward on the adventure of your unfolding magical life is inevitable. How much fun you have while doing it depends on how much you need to: (1) Get it right, or (2) Know the end result first.” ~ Jennifer Hough  Tweet Me!

Dear Radiant You,

Your Ego is running out of options to prove its importance, value and necessity in your life. It may even seem like you are being tested by life, when in actuality you are being given so many opportunities to stop figuring it all out with that busy mind of yours and to be served up by Creation.

Have you noticed how much effort it takes to try to get things to go YOUR way… so you can feel safe? Have you noticed the intensity of how much your mind just wants the answers before you act? Have you noticed that you are letting your fears around needing the answers stop you from moving forward?

If you are reading this, your life has already unfolded perfectly in the other dimensions… you just have to show your interest to the Universe by diving in.

Silly Ego, tricks are for kids.

With Love,

Jennifer  xoxoxo

Don’t worry, your life will be there waiting while you engage in the mental gymnastics of the Ego. Infinite Wisdom is happy to go to the coffee shop and get fat on donuts while it waits for you to come and play.

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…

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