Come out, come out, wherever you are!…

“What is it about being totally seen and completely expressed, that makes us each feel insecure? Maybe it’s our ego that’s insecure and WE are actually feeling excited that more is available. Hmmm.”

~ J. Hough

Hi there,

I just had to share this….

Yesterday some team members and I were in a meeting and we needed to get through a tough issue. During these times, I often find myself guided to ask seemingly unrelated, vulnerable questions to get us back in our flow.

I was guided to ask this question, “What is it about being totally seen and completely expressed, that makes us each feel insecure?”

For myself, I shared my insecurity that my parents will really get what a freak I am, and think badly of me, especially when I talk about all this multi-dimensional physics stuff. My parents have always been such a huge support system for me so that would be horrible.

Another team member shared that her ego loves to tell her that there are already enough professional photographers out there, so who would want to see her pictures? (even though her pictures are clearly activations in themselves! LOL)

The final person shared that the part of him that is dying to express himself will never get expressed, but even worse, the deeper fear is that even if he does write the book he wants to write, it won’t make a difference anyhow.

Here is what became clear and this resolution was just as much for me, as the other two:

The only reason we would even feel the calling to express ourselves in these beautifully expanded ways, is because in another dimension we are already there. It is our calling. It is why we are here. Remember that the internal heart’s calling to fly forward, comes from those that await our special brand of love and assistance. It really isn’t about the ‘little you’. It is only when you think you are alone, that it seems scary.

Hey… it’s inevitable. Ya might as well shine your light. Could you really stop your awakening anyhow?

With love,

It’s only the ego that can feel insecure and if we fully be ourselves, maybe it’s for good reason? hmmmmmm

What is your answer to that question?