Does it seem like sometimes things happen ‘to’ you?

“Everything we need is right there. Physics says that a
problem cannot exist without all the potential answers also
existing at the same time. Our focus on the lack of solutions,
or the lack of our personal timing (versus cosmic timing),
keeps all of it away from us.

Jennifer Hough

In these interesting times Adam and I are going through with his health, it sometimes seems things are not in flow … and yet they always are. What I am about to share is a perfect answer to the question: “Is it true that everything happens ‘for us’ and not ‘to us’?” – I hope you embody this in your cells.

Recently, I was trying to find a surgeon with advanced expertise in the area necessary to achieve the greatest outcome for Adam whose pained cries were causing me to carry him a little. I started trying to predict our future, his future and my mind wanted answers now. It was the time of a full moon, the weekend of re-birth for much of humanity and my mind just wanted clarity.

Don’t get me wrong, I would say for 98% of the day I’m in total flow but, holy cow, when I’m not these days, there are some big redirects and I’m good with that. My cells and heart know very well that coming from fear does not work. Sometimes it’s so hard to remember that when it’s about someone you love.

The more we know about how physics and the thriving operating system works, and the more we embody it, the faster and deeper the contrast and I was experiencing that.

My computer stopped working while I was trying to return a new chair to Wayfair. The box was too big to take to Fedex and Wayfair’s system to do it was down. I was having no luck finding Physical Therapy for Adam and there were no appointments for Aqua Therapy which is the only thing that works for him. I was also trying to print an important contract, but neither printers were working … blah, blah, blah.

A total re-direct. Time to get in the car, get out of the house, and just be. Time to go to my favorite second-hand store and the UPS Store right beside it to print my contract.

When I got there, my little second-hand store had yellow tape around it, closed for the month. Jeez Louise!

So I went into UPS, printed the stuff and returned to the car. One more time I tried Wayfair and nothing worked on their system to return the item. I broke Wayfair. I got the hint. I reclined in my chair, put the heater on the chair and decided to take a ‘car nap’ with binaural beats because NOTHING is what I had been directed to.

Nothing was wrong but I didn’t quite get it yet. Ten years ago, I would have been livid but I now know better and, in this journey, lately I’m deepening my knowing every day.


1. In order for me to go to Mexico to be with 2020’s Flight School Group, Adam’s daughters are going to take him to their house and love him up. Amazing!

2. I came back and had a very real conversation that put Adam and I on the same page. I didn’t even know that conversation was missing. He felt so much compassion and love for me after that convo. Just what I needed.

3. We figured out a way to go to the YMCA to get his water therapy instead of physical therapy.

4. I manifested a stem cell therapist 20 minutes away from us.

5. My entire body relaxed, because I tapped in.

6. Adam and I figured out a system for Adam to sleep through the night and, even if he wakes up, he will have what he needs so that I don’t have to get up.

7. Sam Liebowitz gave me an answer to a question about PEMF that I needed tonight, so perfect!

Oh and one more thing … the chair I wanted to return to Wayfair, I got for 70% off! When Adam’s daughters take him to their place, it’s perfect for them to use as it will really assist and Ellie’s boyfriend can assemble the chair wooo hoooo!

Everything we need is right there. Physics says that a problem cannot exist without all the potential answers also existing at the same time. Our focus on the lack of solutions, or the lack of our personal timing (versus cosmic timing), keeps all of it away from us.

I am consistently surprised and delighted on so many levels, because I have divine intolerance to feeling bad and have an evidence journal brimming with the many ways consciousness has supported me on every level, when I stay disciplined about my alignment. You are no different.

Physics is physics. Just like nobody can escape gravity. Come meet me in the field and let’s be in wonder of this Thriving Operating System together.

I love you madly.

Thanks for all of your kind wishes,


P.S. I definitely should not be going away according to society, but the call to reset will open even more possibilities for me and Adam. And who knows what will happen when he goes to stay with his daughters, who were estranged for many years? It’s a blessing.

P.P.S. Thank you to everyone on the team for being awesome! Love you guys!



I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

Worthiness. I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

How about you?

Every time you seek to prove your worth, you are coming from a place that presumes that you’re somehow lacking.

You were literally an etheric metaphysical being, who poured into a body in perfect timing. You are a meat suit flying through space at 55,000 miles per hour while miraculously housing a soul and spirit. You witness sunsets, mountain tops, births, deaths. You breathe the air that trillions of trees breathe out just for you!

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Fears and freedom

Fears and freedom

The other morning, as I was pulling out an old plant that took up a lot of room and was on its way out, I heard the bell from the Baptist church down the road, at the same time as I caught a glimpse of the peonies I was planting to replace the old bush.

I love peonies. They remind me of Canada and my front yard. They take me to an emotional home place. That’s why I’m planting them. I keep imagining seeing the peonies while I’m sitting on my front porch.

At the gathering place down the road, the minister is impassioned and talks very loudly. Sometimes, he’s incredibly inspiring and I just stand outside on the road and listen, while at others when he talks about the challenging aspects of humanity, there’s fear within the church. I speak at many churches, so this isn’t about making church wrong, but rather the idea that most of humanity spends time finger-pointing.

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My heart is so full of blessings…

My heart is so full of blessings…

After a rich and vibrant time in the Embodiment Workshop in Asheville, my heart is so full of blessings.

I’m so grateful for the participants, the TWA Team, and so incredibly blessed to have opulence everywhere around me in my garden. Not only for the lettuce, but the seeds for new lettuce. It’s truly overflowing …

I’m grateful for all the shifts and clarity that happened for both myself, and collectively, and wanted to share something with you…

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