Okay, so I’m gonna say something that may shake your tree a little.

What if beliefs are overrated? What if, as consciousness shifts, what we believe must also shift?  What if the way to flow with life is to let go of the old, so we can be in discovery of the miracles that life has in store?

Living in total congruence with who you are, and why you are here, is no small task. So many of us are being called to do something more in the world.  I know I am. What about you?

When you live in that kind of congruence with purpose, miracles become normal.

To that end, I just had an incredible conversation with a NY Times Best Selling Author, Christy Whitman, on her show, “Quantum Success.”  I adore her. And I adored our conversation because she is masterful at asking those deep questions, so we can transcend the struggle and just ‘go direct’.

Above is the interview, titled, “Believe in Your Heart’s Desire,” with Christy Whitman and me.

So much love and amazing wishes as we approach this Holiday Season.  Follow your heart, as that is Creation’s megaphone.

With an open heart,



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