“What would life look like if we all started gingerly opening our hearts again and playing like grown up 3-year-olds?”
Jennifer Hough

You know spring is a time of rebirth (just think of the symbolism of Easter). Happy Equinox! I have been cleaning out closets, and also discovering new systems to expand my flow, fun and abundance. I always feel my protective habits coming up saying, “Well, you never know when you might need that,” or “Are you sure? This way has worked for you for so long.”

Oooooo, scary (to the Ego), but exciting to the expansive “me.” The true “me” is just the Universe living as Jennifer… and she’s up for anything.

What’s it going to take to experience the world, your world, with a newfound fluidity, expansiveness and, to use the energy of spring, to just say “yes” to what calls your heart?

  1. A willingness to be okay with cosmic timing, versus your timing.

  2. A willingness to know with every cell that the Universe has you in its arms with every step. Everything is happening FOR you, not to you.

  3. A willingness to follow the call of your heart, and take your fears/Ego very, very, very (did we mention very) lightly. Has your Ego done anything for you lately, anyhow?

  4. Find those willing to go on that vulnerable adventure with you and stay in touch with them. It is time not to be alone anymore…

  5. Finally, and most importantly, a total willingness to stop the pursuit of fixing yourself. You are not, were not, and will never be broken. You are on an adventure whose design is to never get it right so you can always be in joyous discovery!

You can go kicking and screaming, or you can just go. Just saying.

And by the way, just in case you didn’t know HOW MUCH the Universe has your back. On Friday the 19th (just past), the biggest star in the Pleiades, the crescent moon, and Mars (where three rovers have just landed from the US, Europe and China) formed a perfect triangle. Let me put that another way. Mars (which is about the masculine – where we just landed), the moon (which is about the Divine Feminine), and the Pleiades (a Star Seed planet that is about the 3rd entity of humanity working together in love to create what has never existed before) are triangulated. It’s a cosmic activation for the evolution of the polarity that exists in humanity right now.

Earth: 3rd planet
Rovers: 3 of them on Mars
March 21st: 3rd month (2+1 is 3)
Triangle: 3 sides

A Spiritual perspective on the number 3: It represents “ALL,” or the number that contains the beginning, the middle and the end.

Game on.

With love,