“Freedom as a parent comes when you decide to guide your children rather than control them. It’s all about walking side by side together”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Jennifer Hough, 2016: “Stroll on the Shore”

Dear You:

I am celebrating my Mom this week (Dad, you’ll have to wait your turn). I was fortunate enough to have an exceptional mother, but I’m aware that not everyone did. And even if your mother was exceptional, it doesn’t mean she was perfect. The greatest parent we all have is Creation, which is unconditional, all-seeing, wise, fluid, without judgment, constantly operating FOR you, and filled with ideas to assist you to be on your creative journey. Creation is a source of a certain form of perfect flow. Unfortunately, most people project that their parents should somehow be like the Universe… all-seeing and all-knowing.

So parents… please take off yourself the pressure to be perfect. You’re human; it’s in the design of human beings to have lots of contrast. You were meant to both catalyze and inspire. The Universe was meant to “parent” according to most people’s ideological dream. You were not. You were meant to guide or catalyze. Either way, you assist with clarity for your kids, old and young.

And Mom, I love you. You are the perfect Mom for me… ups, downs, good, difficult… it all made me who I am, and I wouldn’t want to be me without any drippy drop of it. You rock! Thank you! I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! (I’m starting to get the idea of this North Carolina thing, ha ha.)

With an open heart,