“Are you envisioning your future? Or are you simply catching up to the future your Higher Levels have already created, based on your heart’s desire? Could it be that simple?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: Image by Jeannie Selda, 2016: Jennifer Hough – Beach Heart

Dear You:

The other morning, I was laying in bed going through my normal process of connecting with life, my Guides, and all that crazy stuff. It became so clear in my body that we are being served by consciousness in ways we had never imagined, but the issue is the degree to which we get in the way of the flow of all that is coming to us.

Our hearts are seen; our calling is known; what would fulfill us is already understood. As we change consciousness’ response to us also changes. It’s a beautiful dance.

Do you want to control life? Do you want it to go your Ego’s way, so you can be safe? Or, do you want to be fulfilled and enjoy the gifts awaiting you, most of which is beyond whatever it is you can imagine?

Here’s a little more about what’s involved in understanding how it all works…

With an open heart,