“There is a big difference between being here and choosing to be here.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Have you really chosen to be here, without resistance?

In our latest Flight School Trip, a participant from Germany shared, “I am giving up resistance to being fully human and being here.” And I said, “What if the reason we don’t choose to be here is…?”

Perhaps you, like me, have felt at some point that this world can be cruel. Perhaps you’ve learned that you often can’t trust humanity, or others. Maybe, not even yourself.

HERE IS THE REVELATION WE CAME TO IN THIS YEAR’S FINAL FLIGHT SCHOOL PROGRAM: The protective mechanisms we invent are there for a good reason. People can come from something other than their hearts. The paradox is that if we are in emergency mode, we never exercise the abilities that would cause us to thrive, because we think we have to survive and protect first. Not true!

Humans are built to thrive; we just never got there in large numbers, because we thought it was a “change in thinking” thing. But, what if it’s way easier than that… a little “outside the box?” Are ya ready? It’s a genetic thing. All the abilities to thrive are actually in dormant parts of your brain and “junk DNA.” You don’t have to wait to “fix or survive” your life in order to activate the aspects of you that cause you to thrive. I’d love to show you how to live in harmony with those around you, your life, and abundance; but, more importantly, like me, TO REALLY, TRULY CHOOSE TO BE HERE and enjoy it fully! AND, BE THE BEACON FOR WHAT’S POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO ASKED FOR YOU TO SHOW THEM THE WAY.

With love… just ask yourself; is the purpose of life to survive it, or actually to enjoy it? The abilities to do that are right there within you, waiting to be activated without another moment’s waste.

With love


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