“Patience is for those playing the ‘prove, succeed, not happy yet’ game. Enjoyment is for those playing the ‘life is an adventure’ game.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

You were the Universe’s good idea and your life is happening right now. It’s all happening FOR you right now.

What if the issue is not that you will be happy when “one day” happens? What if the only thing missing is the willingness and courage to learn to dance with Creation directly, beyond the fears and filters?

There is no need for patience when you remember you are eternal and, again, it’s all happening FOR you. There is only a need for curious and passionate abandon to the moment (yes, even if the moment is calling for the best cry, sleep, or hug you ever had).

With love


P.S. Here’s a clue: it helps to ask the question, “How can I emanate more love now?”