“If you felt free to emanate all of yourself, your love and play full out with confidence, wherever you went… what do you think would happen to your need to protect yourself?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I’m pretty sensitive (an understatement, LOL).

The other day I was in a room full of people, and one very vocal person was attempting to infuse opinions and advise people on what is right, unsolicited.

She was trying to protect herself from being vulnerable/uncomfortable, by taking on an identity that may have worked in the past (hey, I know, I’ve done it before, so I have so much compassion for that level of protection of oneself). Years ago, my instinct would have said “either run or fix the situation”. That’s how I protected myself.

I let the magical part of me speak instead.

I just remembered that I (like you) was dreamed into existence (and so was she) by Infinite Wisdom. So, I started asking questions to everyone in the room like: “What would love to do right now?” “What are you most proud of?” and even “Who’s your favorite Pixar character?”

In seconds, the energy shifted.

I know that activating expansive conversations will transmute more density than excavating/analyzing/fixing people, any day, all day long.

I wonder how fast the whole world would change if we all did that? Hmmmm. It takes skill to be an agent of change. Skills we can all learn.

Love and more love!

P.S. Oh, and the woman came and asked me how she could learn to do that too… a little compassion is all it takes sometimes.