“What if health were a birthright you remember, and not a pursuit for the worthy who earned it?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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For 10 years, I ran one of the largest nutrition practices here in Canada. Why? Because I was passionate about cleansing, the “right food,” the “right exercise plan,” and assisting people to do the same. But, read on… my passion changed.

Nutrition probably saved my life after a serious toxic exposure (which was serious enough that I would be willing to look at a modality I considered very “woo woo”). Thankfully, no matter how many cleanses I did (metal, candida, parasite, lyme disease… you name it), certain health issues did not go away.

The result of my “Type A” pursuit of answers was not what I expected…

Simply put, I WAS FORCING MYSELF TO CONTROL MY BODY AND MY LIFE WITH PERFECTIONISTIC WAYS THAT CAUSED TREMENDOUS RESISTANCE and pressure on my system. Thousands of paradigms were connected to my ways of being, and were represented by the symptoms in my body.

This is when the “Get Out of Your Own Way™” techniques came to me in wakened dreams, and changed my life and my health.

It never made sense to me that the Universe created us to restrict our foods, severely manage our intake, and squish some of our enjoyment.

I have since dedicated my life to assisting people in integrating with the optimum health and well-being that is already present. Not by fixing the body (because it’s not broken), but BY EMPOWERING THE BODY TO DEEPER TRUTHS THROUGH ACTIVATIONS AND TOOLS that regenerate DNA.

Nutrition is a support, but the permanent solution to health lies in getting out of the way of the vitality that organically awaits.

I know this because I live it; with myself, and with our clients, every day. It is truly a privilege to pay the freedom forward.


The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough