An insight about love from my talk last week

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Love is just as much about our worth as it is about
allowing ourselves to just receive.
Jennifer Hough

I understood more deeply that asking “WHY” love is not happening for you is a way to stay endlessly stuck in a cycle of intellectual examination, and evidence for your perceived lack of deservingness.

WHAT IF… all it takes is curiosity on the adventure?

After all, Life has already landed the answers to HOW loved you are, and all the various ways that it can be expressed.

WHAT IF… all it takes is vigilance for the answers that are waiting for you?

Being conscious, present, and curiously looking for what has already been there!

Last week, I had an experience of just that with my sweetie, Adam… UGH!

My nervous system was trained in my childhood to look for what I was doing wrong, and how I was going to be judged next by the world outside of me. After all this work, you’d think that I’d seen the last of that habit. And yet, uh- uh… nope.

You might already know that Adam built this entire home studio in the basement for me. It’s to be used as a podcast room and presentation studio, with all the lighting, bells and whistles (prompters, sound proofing, green screen, awesome microphone, and wicked camera). Last Friday, I was presenting at Bernardo Moya’s “Love Event.” Did I use my new home studio? Nope.

I hadn’t truly realized what an act of love that home studio is; how it came from beyond 3D, as I wasn’t even asking for it.

So there I was, feeling excited and ready to speak for my talk in my own office. For the first time in a year, my sweetie wasn’t home, my dog was in my office, and what happens? Someone came to the door and rang the doorbell and my dog went nuts!Of course, this all happened in the 25-minute slot I had to share my heart with the audience of many from around the world.

By the way, you can’t hear the dog bark down in the home studio, as it’s sound proofed.

I am so clear that the reason that happened is that I hadn’t fully received this gift from Adam, because I was being my stubborn self. Alas. We learn.

Love is just as much about our worth as it is about allowing ourselves to just receive.

Sometimes my sweetie is a gruff, loud, serious dude, but when I came home, he brought my favorite chocolate, and the most beautiful card saying how sorry he was that I was so resistant to his gift to me.

Now, was it okay that the dog barked? Sure. Nothing ever really goes wrong. It shows that we are human, I am human and sh*t can happen. It threw me off for a minute, but then I got to share my dog, Mighty Mouse, with 2K people. He was a star!

And… if a dog isn’t an unconditional love Activation, I don’t know what is?!

Are you ever stubborn about receiving?

Do you go kicking and screaming sometimes?

If something doesn’t go according to plan, do you let love win anyhow?

Have you asked yourself the question, “How can love win?”

Just saying.

I so appreciate life for kicking my butt sometimes. Sigh. Be vigilant for the love today!

With love and an open heart,



What is an Akashic Record, scientifically speaking?

What is an Akashic Record, scientifically speaking?

Recently, I’ve met a new friend, colleague and client that I am so enjoying. Why, you ask? Because she loves diving into the Quantum Field and well, so do I!

I thought it might be a good thing to explain what an Akashic Record is from the point of view of physics.

It’s the record of your doings, personality, natural propensities, incompletions in other lifetimes and, most importantly, it holds the ‘codes’ for your future trajectory based on choices you’ve made in the past. Think of it as the intention for the direction you are headed, all that which might be in your way based on the past, and every future potential all wrapped up in a metaphysical soup that can be plugged into a physical body.

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A lot of people talk a good game… but…

A lot of people talk a good game… but…

Spiritual knowledge versus living it: you know those people that talk a good game? I used to be one of ’em.

It’s interesting how much more humbling this journey called life has gotten as I add years. Recently, I’ve been searching for the words to express this deep knowing that embodying shifts is definitely not the same as reading about spiritual wisdom.

I feel it, know it, live it and understand it … but the explanatory words just didn’t come, until I was listening to an Indian Guru.

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Ingredients for finding fluidity in family

Ingredients for finding fluidity in family

One of my favorite movies is How to Train Your Dragon. In the movie, the kid’s name is Hiccup. His father, Stoick the Vast, puts an older man, Gobber the blacksmith, in charge of Hiccup. After a particularly embarrassing mishap by Hiccup, Gobber waves his hand in the boy’s general direction, chases after him for a while, and says, “You know, Hiccup, you’re going to have to stop all of … this.” Hiccup replies, “But you just pointed to all of me”! “Yes, that’s it,” says Gobber, “You need to stop being all of you.”

Maybe you’ve felt like Hiccup at times in your life, and you’ve been defending yourself from criticism or harm ever since. Perhaps you’ve come to believe that someone else’s opinion of you is the truth of who you are.

Maybe, like me, you morphed yourself so that you’d be lovable or acceptable to others. Maybe, you react when you don’t feel connected and aren’t looking for the “third entity” solution to the problem. Maybe you’re not well practiced at answering the question, “What would love do”?

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