I had a dream about holding onto control…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Those of us feeling called by something greater,
have the potential to be able to be dreamt
by the dream that we came for.

Jennifer Hough

I had a dream where something really spectacular was being built, but all of the recently purchased construction materials I thought I needed, fell into the water as everyone continued to build this awesome vision.

There was a flow to the water like a tide, and it pulled all of the old materials, or the materials that I thought we needed, even if they were new, out to sea. I remember scrambling in my dream to keep the old materials because I thought we needed them. I was telling everyone to get the old materials from the water. And then, at some point, I realized that nobody felt the same urgency as me.

At first, in my dream, I felt unheard, but I realized that was just my ego. I haven’t remembered a dream in a while as I’ve been integrating with some changes. So I knew that this dream was really important.

I was inspired to go for a walk.

During my walk, I saw that building something new was the only important thing.

Materials washed away and it was pointless wasting time chasing after them. Face forward, because everything is moving so quickly that all you need is coming in as fast as the old stuff leaves; that was the message.

The important question for today is, “Are you willing to face forward and just know that everything you need is right in front of you?“ “Are you willing to go for that walk so you can receive what you need?”

Maybe not what you need so much as what inspires and delights you to create facing forward.

Fortunately, I have the privilege of teaching the practical application of the laws of physics to cause flow and fulfillment in everyday life. This dream really helped me appreciate even more why learning to thrive as an operating system is so important. I feel blessed by whatever consciousness gifted me The Dream yesterday. Heard. Note taken. I’m on it.

What about you? Are you ready for the most amazing journey in 2024?

It’s so clear to me that this year those of us feeling called by something greater have the potential of being dreamt by the dream we came for.

Now, I’m even more excited for our upcoming experience called Embodiment.

What are you holding onto for dear life?

What would happen if you faced forward and did a 180?

These are not rhetorical questions. I actually really want to know.

Are you willing to let yourself thrive?

Well, then, you have to learn to because the world that surrounds you is about survival.

Seriously. It’s all about trying to chase a piece of the pie that everyone else is fighting for.

Let’s go.

It’s all love.

Big hugs,



Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Should we only do things that ‘feel good’?

Well, you might be surprised to hear me say absolutely not.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about deliberately forcing ourselves to do things that feel awful.

It’s just that I hear so many people saying… “only do it if it feels good”.

Here’s the issue with that:

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Fear does an interesting thing to our brains

Fear does an interesting thing to our brains

Fear does an interesting thing to our brains.

I was listening to a brilliant podcast a few days ago which my husband reminded me about. Although they didn’t talk about this specifically, it struck me how important it is to understand how our brains work. In understanding this, I’m able to follow my knowing and feel connected to clarity, instead of being manipulated by noise which can only happen if I’m in fear; it’s so easy to be in fear these days, don’t you think?

Fight or flight creates an interesting shift in the brain causing us to relate to those who disagree with our viewpoint as the “other”, and there are those who want to manipulate others in order to protect themselves.

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The key to thriving is…

The key to thriving is…

A key to thriving is remembering that doing this is actually important.

It’s ‘nothing’.

That’s the thing, doing nothing is doing something.I’m sure you’ve sometimes tried to keep pushing through a project when life is showing you the harder and longer you push, the more unproductive things get, right?

I’m so guilty of feeling invincible or, put another way, stubbornly carrying on instead of being present to what life is showing, or sometimes commanding, me to do.

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