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“When we decide we want everything in our life to happen in perfect timing, we must give up the idea that we know what perfect timing is, how it will all unfold and who is going to deliver the circumstances.” 

~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

From the Wide Awakening Weekly – Perfect Timing, Aug. 19, 2014

It’s exponentially delicious to live in perfect timing (a.k.a. cosmic timing) versus ‘your timing.’ Why? Well, let me share a little about our journey to Costa Rica, with the participants of Flight School.

It all started when I realized that a couple of our participants were not able to do some of the activities involved in going into the rainforest. This was the day before we had it booked, and I knew that I needed to change our plans.
The only other available journey was to go out on a catamaran and snorkel. But there had been so many rain storms that the water was going to be murky. It didn’t make sense, although all of us could participate. I booked it. 

Thank goodness I did what life presented us, as we had whales and dolphins right next to the boat during most of the trip (almost 90 minutes). It was incredible. The Momma and Baby whales were playing with the dolphins and our boat. The Momma then breached three times right in front of our boat, and even though there were many other boats around, it was clear she was with us.

So much of my life does not make sense, but I would not ever give up being in a dance with the Universe, for the mere illusion that I am in control. I love not knowing why or how, much of the time… I love knowing that it is all being delivered to me, and that my job is to pay attention and play with what’s being asked of me.

What if the issue is that we are just not used to seeing life as “generously constantly giving to us”… therefore we feel we need to make it all happen ourselves? When we live that way, we live as though we are alone… such a shame, when we are not.


Jennifer xoxoxo

Jennifer Hough GirlP. S. Are you ready for everything to come to you? Try leaning back and opening your arms with your eyes wide open, instead of running forward with your hands in front of you, reaching…

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