Wide Awake Weekly #111: The feelings that change you…

“The emptiness you feel inside when you think a part of your life is just not working is actually showing you the void created by the old struggles breaking down right before the new levels of love and fluidity come in” – Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

You know when important aspects of your life complete, or feel as though they are ending? There is a very real re-wiring happening inside of you to deal with life as it will be…

I recently had my favorite uncle pass on, as well as a dear friend. But, it’s not just events like those that cause this feeling.

It’s actually not emptiness, so much as integration of a new reality – when your work team changes, for instance, or you add a new exercise routine and leave the old one behind. Or, when you transcend a friendship…..an old paradigm.

Don’t keep score of where you are in life.

As we said last time, life happens for you, not to you.

The calm before the new fluid normal……..

Jennifer Hough GirlLove,

P.S. What you might think is scary is really just unfamiliar for the Greater You. (Tweetable)

P.P.S. When life changes drastically, so do your guides. There is a mourning; be kind to yourself…(Tweetable)

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