“There are only two modes for your life stream. One: Trying to make everything go your way, on your timing, while being attached to the outcome for you and those involved. Two: Thinking of life like a canvas, that is a privilege on which to paint. Guess which one puts you in the miracle zone?” 

– J. Hough  (Tweetable)

I have been moving into a new home that involved storing the last owner’s furniture while their new house was being built. I found myself realizing that I only had 2 weeks to furnish a whole house for my future renters….ahhhhh.

Something happened on the way to the furniture store though…..I realized that my house is a blank canvas and the Universe loves opportunities for creativity. I had to let go of carrying the former owners, my future renters, the success of getting it all done on time and just lean in and have fun with it all.

Within an hour I had a bed, a sofa, a TV and a great big order of clearance items from Staples.

Remember that needing to do it “your way” limits what’s available from Infinite Wisdom. Get Out of the Universe’s way and you will find your natural flow.

Jennifer Hough Girlwith love,


P.S – – – – – – Control is so over-rated anyways!

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