Understanding of the idea of the holographic Universe…

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“If you were standing completely still, no matter how much you try, you would still be moving. Everything in the Universe is constantly expanding on itself, changing, moving, and spiraling.
Jennifer Hough

In last week’s newsletter, I shared how the laws of physics determine that what you make important to you through your actions, words, and deeds will continue to show itself in your life. Today, I’ll share the importance of fractals, spirals and the holographic Universe.

The spin of things is a principle that will take an understanding of renowned physicist Nassim Haramein’s current thesis. It’s also going to take some understanding of the idea of fractals and the holographic Universe. We will unpack that below.

We are one at some level of existence. Scientifically explaining the basis for this paradigm makes it a much more compelling concept. The meaning I found through the scientific explanation was life-changing for me; I hope it is for you as well.

Let’s start with some fun facts.

If you were standing completely still, no matter how much you try, you would still be moving.

Everything in the Universe is constantly expanding on itself, changing, moving, and spiraling.

Consider these facts:

You are spinning, even when you are standing still, internally biologically, externally in your energy field, and cosmologically.

• So, how fast are you moving right now? The Earth itself moves at a rate of 1,000 miles per hour through our solar system in a spiral. The solar system moves at a rate of 448,000 miles per hour through our galaxy, and our Milky Way moves at a rate of 1.3 million miles per hour through the cosmos.

You are immersed in an environment that is always moving and, as a result, is constantly creating upon itself. That affects you, whether you like it or not. You are swimming in a soup of change; the environment for expanding forward in abundance is part of your subatomic structure. It’s part of the subatomic structure of anything in 3D.

There is an interesting concept related to gyroscopes (which spin) called precession. In aviation, it means this: The tilting or turning of the rotor axis as a result of some external force. When a deflective force is applied to a gyro rotor that is standing still, the rotor will move in the direction of that force. This movement places the rotor in a new parallel plane of rotation. It is a concept I love because I like gyroscopes and because we all spin.

Here’s how I interpret this concept of precession: when we are close to each other, imagine that we create precession in consciousness — a parallel possibility or idea. And imagine that is the natural way we are with each other.

We are in a constant state of creating something new, at right angles to what exists, and if we pay attention, we can actually live a life filled with the joy of realizing “the new” all the time, instead of trying to make sure that our spirals don’t touch. It is foundational to nature and the way we operate. It is in our DNA to spin.

Gosh, our DNA is a spiral. We are not meant to go around in circles on the same plane.

Here’s to shifting paradigms together!

Until then with all my love,




Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others. What does that even really mean?

It’s all over the media and throughout the political spectrum and, as a result, it is probably prevalent in some of your social circles with friends and family.

Where does it come from? Why do we get that way? How do we define it? What frees us from the need to react to it or use righteousness?

The subject of righteousness has come up for me several times in the last couple of months. I was speaking with one of my clients and we could both see so many angles on righteousness. Sometimes I can get that way, but I catch myself because it really doesn’t feel good. It also isn’t an inclusive way of speaking, and blocks fluid shifts. If you are all about making fluid shifts … well, you know.

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Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

The following question was posted by Trudy, one of our Flight School graduates, in our Agents of Awakening Community and I felt it would assist to share my reply in this week’s inspiration in case you missed it, or you’ve not yet joined us there … (what are you waiting for?) 😉

Trudy’s Question: “When do you know to take the lead, knowing what you know, and observing unfolding events as a neutral party?”

The concept that is most important in answering this question well is ‘DOING WHAT PRESENTS’. It’s actually the most simple of concepts, and yet it’s foreign to us as we’re so prone to running around in unconscious survival mode. Kids, groceries, goals, oil changes, banking, relationship reactions, fears about the world or the country, and so on.

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The only truth is what we declare as true

The only truth is what we declare as true

Recently, one of our Facebook group members tagged me on a meme asking for my take on this statement:

“Truth stays the truth no matter by how much ignorance it is surrounded.”

Thought I’d share it with you in this week’s Weekly Inspiration in case you missed it.

“First of all, lol, just because something is on social media as a meme, doesn’t mean it’s true. LOL, the irony is not lost on me.

For me the only truth is that which we declare as true because of the laws of physics, making what we declare simply ‘a truth for now’, not ‘THE truth’.

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