This is important for me to remember in these times…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Is it that we need to change the world, or is it that we want to awaken to the Heaven that has always been available and we forgot? If we hold something as broken, it always will be. See it as beautiful, and you simply have to catch up to your own beauty to experience it.
Jennifer Hough

Years ago, in one of our programs, a dear client talked about a powerful story that is so relevant to what is going on in the world now… about the power and purity of a child in times of great polarity.

She went to Ireland with her family at age seven.

She is Protestant and she went to a beach community of a mainly Catholic village, when, at times, there was still tremendous infighting and violence.

While she was on the beach, a seven-year-old local, red-headed girl would come and play, building sandcastles with her.

After a few days the young Irish girl asked, “Are you Protestant?”, to which my client replied, “Yes, I am.”

The red-head then declared, “Well, I think you are lovely! I don’t understand what the grown-ups are saying.”

My client said, “Me either.”

And the red-headed girl suggested, “Maybe we should hug for a long time until the rest of the world feels it, so that they can all get along.”

My client said, “I think that is a perfect idea!”

And so the two of them hugged for a couple of minutes, hoping that maybe someone would see or feel them getting along, and loving each other despite their differences.

Do you feel them?

In a non-time/space reality, that wave is still going out into consciousness. I choose to feel it and all of its implications, right now.

I feel very blessed that this client is still in my life, and shining her light. She is just as pure-hearted now as she was then. I suppose it struck me more, because my hair is a little red, and I’m Irish.

I think it’s time for us all to do a collective cosmic hug.

Don’t you?

This is how we can do that!

On May 1st, the “Heaven on Earth Construction Crew” – who are a part of the private Agents of Awakening Community – are going to be delivering treats with love notes to our neighbors, whom we haven’t met. We would like them to know that they are thought of, and that someone did something kind for them. We’re doing these not-so-random acts of kindness to celebrate May, the Kindness Month!

Want to get in on the fun???!!!!

We’ll co-create more acts of kindness and other cool stuff moving forward, and I would love for you to join us.

If you’re not yet a member of the Agents of Awakening community, you can get a full year of membership free when you join us for the next Get Out of Your Own Way™ – Overwhelm NO, Spaciousness YES! Check it out here.

With love,



Choose. Which way do you live?

Choose. Which way do you live?

Today, I wanted to share a wonderfully activating experience.

Have you ever felt as though you’re on the precipice of what’s next? Like life is calling? Like there is no going back?

When my life started to look like it wasn’t headed in the direction of my vision, I started to panic. It was only my personality doing the panicking because, inside, I knew that life’s incongruencies were asking me to step up and become more. I felt inspired to head over to a nearby lake.

My mind was racing around a million worries, not least of which was the question of whether my husband would walk again? Added to that was the running of the business and keeping the house in flow, all while my family was in a health crisis.

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Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

“… Money is a big, fraught topic for most people because they think it’s what makes the world go round. Uh, by the way, it’s not. Magnetics makes the world go round, both figuratively and literally.”

So, if that’s the case and we have beliefs about money (we all do), should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong? I will depart from the answer I would typically give on this subject.

Why? Because the ideas about money in this world have such a stronghold on our reality that it takes a pure outlook on the subject, with no strings attached, for someone to let the past belief go and let abundance flow.

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