“Life never gives you too much, it only gives you opportunities to stop doing it all alone…”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:


Yes, I was reminded today by my friend, the energy in this world is intense… and I have news; it’s not going to stop. It’s time to catch up to ourselves, but in order to do that without struggle, we must start to let the Universe in… and stop operating like we are alone.

For instance, there was no shortage of things I could have been doing on Saturday. I was headed home from dropping off my sweetie, and my mind was engaged about finances, work, cleaning, family… yet THE WORRYING HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH THAT I AM (as are you). Remembering that fact, was the key to a shift within me. The language of our ‘cosmic support team’ can’t be heard when immersed in the “shoulds, musts, and have to’s” of the day. It’s heard through your cells.

Right then, my head turned to the left… and I drove into a parking lot right beside walking trails into the mountains. I listened to the “yes” in my cells and started walking. My heart and mind were filled with clarity. I heard “KEEP TAKING THE TIME TO SLOW DOWN SO YOU CAN SPEED UP, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE CLARITY YOU NEED FOR THE REST”. I also glanced down at that moment and there was a perfectly heart-shaped rock, reminding me that there is no “me,” there is only the adventure of life, and even nature is conspiring for me!

So, just in case you needed a little reminding today:

Don’t ignore those moments that guide you to the left. Pause when your numbers line up on the clock or the speedometer. When you think of someone you appreciate, call them and tell them. When a little love note pops up on Facebook from someone who loves you; read it. The Universe always has and will always have your back.

My to-do list got done, delegated and shortened effortlessly after that walk. I also enjoyed doing what I did, more to the point. I love being humbled by life; don’t you?


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