“We think that by assessing others we will be able to predict their behaviors, so we can feel safe. However, it also robs us of ever truly knowing who they are.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, I was at a lunch with my parents’ friends. I was sitting next to a nice man, and we started talked about beliefs, politics, and what we each do for a living.

Now, he told me he was a conservative. If I had let that govern my opinion of him, we would never have had such a wonderful conversation about ideas, people, how to change the world, and how to end wars. It was delicious.

Pigeon-holing people simply puts them in a box. It will keep you from the curiosity that has you staying young, and loving life.

You just have to decide: “safe in my box,” or “fulfilled on the adventure.”

Love, the perpetual cosmic 3-year-old ~


P.S. We only judge to stay separate and safe… pretty difficult to realize Heaven on Earth from a box; know what I mean?