Part 3 of 3, about Being the Change from The Wide Awakening Weekly, Nov. 18, 2014

“The ego invented the idea that protecting ourselves would help us thrive, however it only leads to (at best) survival. Thriving requires that you let yourself be seen.”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)
Hi there,

Recently, I felt myself contracting a little because I was feeling all the changes happening in my life and all the contrast in the world. Fortunately, I remembered quickly.

We are constantly being asked to let go of our world the way we have known it. The unknown can be scary, right? When we are afraid, we can judge, manipulate or withdraw, in order to protect ourselves from hurt. You know the cycle.

Another option is to radiate so much compassion that those around you (and yourself) feel the doorway to a new world opening, one where we are willing to see others and be seen — with kindness and compassion.

We can contract our Awakening through fear, or we can ever so tenderly, gingerly (or ridiculously excitedly) be ourselves and activate the world we are headed for with curious, adventurous, creative YES-ness! No judgment, either way.

But … ya know where I’m going with this, right?

I’ve seen you, and you’re gorgeous … have you looked lately?

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. Love to see more of you. Just sayin’ … Don’t be scared — I’ll put my ‘truth glasses’ on, if you will!



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