From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Nov. 6, 2014

Part 2 of 3, in response to recent terrorism…
(You can also read Part 1, About Terrorism.)

“‘I feel powerless’ is more accurately stated: ‘I am giving my power away to someone/something else.’ The instant you make that distinction, you open a doorway to getting your power back.”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Hi there,

With so many young and disenfranchised people out there, it is predictable that without knowing themselves, many could be influenced negatively by others. But isn’t that true of all of us?

This could be true about being enrolled in a terrorist organization, but it is also true for any of us who feel enrolled in familial and cultural patterns of incongruency .

Do not to be angry at those organizations, nor at our parents, nor at ourselves. In keeping with our first email on this subject, I’d like to talk about how to change the world:

1. We all want to return to love and freedom … even those who have so profoundly forgotten themselves. Right now, they just can’t see another way.

2. In a Fractal Universe, your remembering who you are and your redirecting all that energy of upset to wake yourself up will affect tens of thousands of people whom you know and don’t know. That’s how physics works.

3. Remember that those who run terrorist organizations were themselves disempowered, the same as many of us — only they are carrying their reactions to the extreme. As the world around them changes to an environment of more compassion, it will become far more obvious to those who’ve been most deeply hurt, that there is another way … and that people are open to deeper solutions.

In a very real way, you are the change already, just by reading this email. It’s okay to be upset at less-than-conscious behaviour. Haven’t we all been there?

•    You have been on this planet before and contributed to the duality.
•    You came back to full-circle the density.
•    You couldn’t resolve the density if you didn’t somehow embody it in yourself.

It’s a humble ride. Don’t put yourself above anyone … just wake up.

With the deepest love and compassion,

Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. I hope to see you at this Thursday evening’s event at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, Nov. 6 at 7PM. Please, tell a friend! It’s going to be so freeing to activate the truth of who we are, together. You will be shifted … muah!

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