Channeled Webinars to Stay on the Leading Edge of Awakening
Live, Intimate & Interactive

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The Magic of Your Magnetism
A Whole New Paradigm for Manifestation!

In this webinar replay, you will:

  • Learn how to amplify your magnetics
  • Act on what comes your way without sabotaging yourself
  • Understand how clear you can be
  • Transcend the doubt, while letting it all come to you

TWA-Quantum-Icon-150xQuantum Wake-Up Calls™

Channeled Webinars to Stay on the Leading Edge of Awakening
Live, Intimate & Interactive with Jennifer Hough

Where the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew gather to come home, deepen their understanding of the shifts and activate their DNA, so they can go forth and multiply the Awakening.

Do You Often Wonder…?

  • How you can operate in constant fluidity and bring peace to your mind in order to easily connect to your guidance?
  • How to connect with others who are Awakening, and recharge your battery from the mass collective to reset?
  • What would it look like to be seen and grounded in who you are, so you can go out and emanate more of your light?
  • What’s possible when you truly experience the deeper understanding of who you ARE, and how life is shifting on this planet?
  • What it would look like to be activated by the latest codes that would assist you to upgrade and embody who you are so fully, that you can stay on the leading-edge and assist others more effectively?
  • How powerful it would be to receive direct assistance to your personal questions from Jennifer Hough about your journey and the Global Awakening?

What Are Quantum Wake-Up Calls™?

Quantum Wake-Up Calls™ are expansive, leading-edge conversations about this Awakening. Each month, we invite you to participate and connect for a powerful two-hour “Homecoming” experience with Awakening Leader, Jennifer Hough, along with people from all over the world who are leaders in this time of great expansion. These monthly calls are for those who know that they are born to Awaken, assist, thrive, give back, and that there’s so much more available to life!

What Makes Quantum Wake-Up Calls™ Special?

This is the gathering place where those who feel a true and unusual sense of urgency to Awaken on the fast track, meet. This is where true seekers, AKA, The Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, gather to ask the tough questions. They come to have truly vulnerable conversations, and to be a part of an expansive community of those willing to go deep and ask the profound questions about who we are, why we are here, and how we can truly assist humanity in moving forward.

For we, as the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, have to be willing to question conventional, and even “new age”, wisdom, and look at the multi-dimensional reality of the science behind it all. This journey is not about changing your mind… it’s about changing the entire way you relate to everything!


I am replaying and replaying the calls. I can feel the shifts happening. The changes are tangible. I love being in the place of just allowing the flow of life to live through me. It feels so good to know the Universe has my back and I can just move thru life with ease. Thanks for all the work/play you do helping raise the vibration on the planet. In Light and Laughter,

S. W.

It’s time to create a community of people who want to find joy, peace and love within… and create their own personal Heaven on Earth, while also assisting the planet. It’s all about the Love and Assistance!
Jennifer Hough

Benefits of Participating in the Quantum Wake-Up Calls™:

  • A SENSE OF COMMUNITY:  A place where “genius”, “weirdness” and “curiosity” are the new normal.  We see you!
  • A CHANNELED SESSION FOR THE GROUP:  Jennifer will lead an experience of activating, opening and exploring what it is to re-member who You Really Are, and how that is meant to operate in your life.
  • LIVE Q&A WITH JENNIFER:  Jennifer answers your personal questions about Awakening, humanity’s shifts, who we are, why we’re here, and our Galactic Ancestry. This is truly a place were it is safe to ask your “out there” questions about love, Star Seeds, super powers, conspiracies, and the grid. You can ask, as well, about your concerns about the blocks you feel you have, the deeper science, and the undoing of old teachings and information that have kept you in a rut.
  • CONNECTION TO OUR ABILITIES:  Your Abilities come from your Galactic Ancestry. During our monthly calls, we will talk about the unfamiliar speed of this Awakening journey and how to keep up with it, without being on ups and downs of the roller coaster ride.
  • UPGRADE YOUR BIOLOGY TO A DEEPER AWARENESS:  Jennifer will give at least one DNA Upgrade per call, to experience new skills made available in recent shifts in Awakening. When we embody this aspect of the DNA ACTIVATION, the upgrade in consciousness will assist your ability to flow directly with life, beyond the filters.
  • FINAL ACTIVATION:  A Final Activation for the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew, to integrate all the parts of you that remember the truth of Who You Really Are, as a completion to your monthly call!
  • FORUM & RESOURCES:  Get access to resources that Jennifer will share with you that will assist in deepening your understanding on a cellular level.

Participating is Easy!

We’ll send you an email with all the information you need to listen LIVE and to the Replays.


I poke my head into many things, and not everything resonates with me, but your work, your newsletter, and especially Quantum Wake-Up Calls definitely play my music.

L. R.


  • The first 60 minutes will be the most leading-edge information, channeled through Jennifer, in the form of Activations, integrations, and upgrades about communication, flow, prosperity, relationships, nature, the environment, the planet, extraordinary leaders, and all of consciousness based on the current shifts.
  • During the last 60 minutes of the Quantum Wake-Calls™, Jennifer will be taking your personal questions, LIVE on the phone or in the Webinar Chat Room.
  • Alternatively, you can also email your question related to the topic ahead of time to [email protected].
  • We do a final Activation that helps integrate the upcoming shifts in consciousness so we can all fly together!


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