Manifesting without intention…

“Your entire life is a manifestation of
what you’re willing to receive.

Jennifer Hough

Back on the Super Blue Moon last month (at 9:36 pm ET on August 30, to be exact) I shared a very short process for manifesting beyond making mental intentions. That’s so last century!

It’s time to take it up a few notches around manifestation portals, becoming an amazing receiver, and just having everything come to you.

Below is the replay about going through the process and exercise of what stops us from being the most amazing receiver and what to do differently.

It’s a very brief sort of ceremony about manifestation and the evolution of the understanding of manifestation based on some pretty sound science because manifestation is not some woo woo spiritual thing.

It is actually happening to us all day, every day.

You are never not manifesting.

So when people say, I need to manifest some stuff, I’m like, youre never not doing that.

Literally, your entire life is a manifestation of what youre willing to receive.

So the question is, how do we get into the space of receiving something different?

I’d love to know what happens for you as a result of doing the exercise.

With love,

PS – Here is an example of the forward imaginings a Soul family member had fun creating which may inspire you, too!

A major stuckness is allowing just enough abundance in financially to pay bills.

  • My Forward imaginings: I am having a wonderful evening listening to live music and eating tasty food in a beautiful garden with a loving man.
  • I am spending the weekend at a lovely B & B near the beach in a town I’ve never visited before with a loving dear friend.
  • I have hired someone to play in my garden with me to do the heavy work and we are having a grand time planting and rearranging beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs – focusing on edibles.

~ Diane K., Pennsylvania, USA



Solar eclipses, opportunities to choose, and trying times…

Solar eclipses, opportunities to choose, and trying times…

While I was with my parents in Bracebridge, Ontario, having a late Thanksgiving, miracles abounded.

My sisters and I had a beautiful conversation with our parents. This time of their life is so interesting for all of us. I am constantly speaking with their higher selves to make sure my connection with them is strong, I love them so.

I appreciate that I am skilled at communicating on many plains of existence.

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A dear friend asked what do we do with the evil in the world…

A dear friend asked what do we do with the evil in the world…

A dear friend recently asked me what do we do with the evil in the world.

Well, first we have to define evil. I find the word ‘evil’ does not express what is going on within the people who commit the acts causing such great upset. Any combination of the following may have happened to them, leading to actions described as ‘evil’.

Disenfranchisement, loneliness, abuse, severe disempowerment, lack of faith in love and communication based on their past, poverty, and therefore vulnerability, indoctrination by others who have felt the same, trying to find a place to belong, being heard, an expression of the deep resentment and anger they have internally for all the unfairness they perceive. It is coupled, or should I say fuelled, by a sprinkling of righteousness on all sides.

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A book that is so special to me…

A book that is so special to me…

The other day I was in my sauna, sweating my brains out because my body had been in pain. I was listening to the book ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’. It’s brilliant. The first time I read it, I wasn’t able to take in the full magnificence of the words within. I was in a different place.

We’ve just had our Canadian Thanksgiving, the Shadow of American Thanksgiving which follows in November.

I was listening to the story of how important nuts were to those tribes that lived on the prairies and in the forest. They would store nuts, much like wise squirrels and chipmunks do because they contain protein and good fats for the winter.

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