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I wanted to fine-tune a post that appeared on one of our pages some time back. To quote from the post:

“We do not need solutions for the ills of the world. We need to remove the cause of the problem.”

I would actually re-word that, as it’s not quite right… and I want to make sure we are always congruent on all pages of The Wide Awakening website.

“Solutions expand what is possible and help people to see that more is possible. Solutions displace the old dogmatic ways of doing things. Consider, too, that, in fact, by focusing on the removal of a problem, we actually give the problem energy.”

Now, that may seem like semantics, but at the basis of this Awakening work (such as Get Out of Your Own Way) is the idea that if we activate the truth of who we are and remember our multidimensional nature, then we emanate the deeper Heaven from within and activate the greater Heaven around us. With that, the world changes exponentially faster. We also immediately start to create solutions simply by default, because of the way we see the world, which in turn is due to connecting with our innate genius.

Thus, there is no need to push against anything.

‘Pushing against’ is from an era when we felt powerless, due to the fact that we had not yet been fully realized. We felt powerless because we had not yet seen the world with the eyes of all of consciousness. Our bodies were not yet upgraded to the level of our more advanced young ones, and so we did not feel the power of Creation flowing through us.

Creation flowing through the body is the reason our young ones are so empowered generally. (Or, by contrast, it’s the reason they are so frustrated with not being supported in their abilities by those around them.) They come complete with the beginnings of a fully embodied human body, with all 12 strands of DNA active. This allows them to be seers, which, as you can imagine, causes them frustration when the adults in their lives don’t witness the world the same way they do, because the adults have not yet been updated.

Good news for the world’s amazing young ones! The updating of adults’ bodies is happening as we speak.

In our multidimensional aspects, we adults also have 12 strands of DNA with encodements for abilities that allow us to:

  1. Use all of our brains instead of just 2 to 8%
  2. See everything happening in the world from 30,000 feet and have a truly galactic perspective on our shifts
  3. Tap into Infinite Wisdom to see what is in the highest to do or say in order to move energy on any issue, big or small, and to do so with harmony rather than resistance
  4. Bend time
  5. Spontaneously heal
  6. Witness another (even those in deepest ego, anger or despair) with love, because we see the truth of who they are with upgraded eyes
  7. …as well as 19 other Innate Abilities. See the full list of Innate Abilities.

You most certainly can “upgrade your hardware” to become the confident seer and leader that you were born to be. These encodements that make accessible the entire array of Innate Abilities come from other dimensions through our pineal glands and, in the translation, upgrade the hardware of our bodies. This upgrade allows us to capacitate higher frequencies. It allows us to have as a default the abilities we used to call gifts. They are not gifts, they are innate, inborn in all of us.

Our Innate Abilities are the physical expression of Creator as human, and they make us able to witness this world as the Heaven it was meant to be, instead of seeing it as broken and needing fixing. That world view is where the resistance came from in the first place.

This is absolutely not a time to resist, as we asked to be on the fast track of bringing Heaven to Earth.

I am conscious now, even in this ‘download,’ of making sure you know that I am writing this with so much love and passion for the Awakening that is occurring on the planet. I’m also writing it with so much compassion for those who have been a part of resisting what has been, as well as you who are leading the way in Awakening humanity in a new way. I do this because I know firsthand how much courage it takes to do what you are doing, especially when you really are not fully aware of your actions’ global impact.

I see you. I know. You are actually starting to embody these 24 Innate Abilities, because doing so serves your ‘piece of the puzzle’ of this expanding Heaven on Earth. As we all embody our multidimensional abilities, we actually exponentially affect the crystalline grid.

All of consciousness, our Star-Seed ancestors, and every one of us at The Wide Awakening are cheering you on, as you have the courage to not fully know the impact of all you do……..and yet you do it anyhow.

The only questions worth asking are:

  • How much love can you emanate today? Not how much can you talk about what isn’t working?
  • To what extent can you bring forth change by bridging individuals’ frustrations with compassion? Not how much can we excavate the riffraff.

We all were here in other lifetimes, creating this Earth in its polarized state, filled with good bad, right wrong, love fear, dark light, more enlightened less enlightened. So it is not our job now to complain about what we all co-created. It is our job, in fact, to get on with ‘full-circling’ all of the density in our lifetime.

This lifetime contains all of the magnetics of the strife of your past lives. You can transcend all of that simply by completing with your past in this lifetime….but not by excavating it. The fast track is to remember who you really are, and with that the past gets full-circled in the process. Awaken to who you are and have compassion for yourself—that you lived in times of great contrast, and it was difficult, frustrating and painful. You don’t have to complete Karma to do this. You simply have to awaken beyond the Karmic grid….to a new reality.

Perhaps this causes some new contemplation. Maybe it validates the path you are on. Perhaps you are one of those leaders, and this sheds light on what’s been happening to you.

Just know you are not alone. I work with people all over the world who are leading the way. I do know firsthand what it is like…..oh yes, my friends…… and it hasn’t always been pretty. And that’s okay. I am here to make it easier for the rest.

We are changing the world around our loved ones whom we most wish would wake up. For many, they will not know what you did until their next lifetime: an act of unconditional love. Just remember that, as you witness the struggles of others. We are eternal beings……your unconditional love will come back around.

I love you madly! Thank you for being “the one.” Yay for those who are out here on the leading edge….I love you.

Jennifer Hough



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