Ingredients for finding fluidity in family

“The Universe sees you as completely perfect,
no matter what you’re going through.

Jennifer Hough

One of my favorite movies is How to Train Your Dragon. In the movie, the kid’s name is Hiccup. His father, Stoick the Vast, puts an older man, Gobber the blacksmith, in charge of Hiccup. After a particularly embarrassing mishap by Hiccup, Gobber waves his hand in the boy’s general direction, chases after him for a while, and says, “You know, Hiccup, you’re going to have to stop all of … this.” Hiccup replies, “But you just pointed to all of me”! “Yes, that’s it,” says Gobber, “You need to stop being all of you.”

Maybe you’ve felt like Hiccup at times in your life, and you’ve been defending yourself from criticism or harm ever since. Perhaps you’ve come to believe that someone else’s opinion of you is the truth of who you are.

Maybe, like me, you morphed yourself so that you’d be lovable or acceptable to others. Maybe, you react when you don’t feel connected and aren’t looking for the “third entity” solution to the problem. Maybe you’re not well practiced at answering the question, “What would love do”?

In the movie, the audience finds out that Hiccup becomes the hero only when he fully accepts who he is and uses his unique abilities to free his people and the dragons. It’s an entertaining parable, and it happens to be true. Hiccup discovers just how hard it is to live up to someone else’s expectations, if that means living against his true nature.

Soul Family doesn’t need you to change. If you’re fortunate, some of them can be biological family. The Universe sees you as completely perfect, no matter what you’re going through.

It doesn’t have a problem with anything you say or do. When you’re a little off track, it redirects you to something that better serves your highest and best, without judgment .

Would you do the same for your family?

With all my love,

P.s. This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 – Finding Harmony and Fluidity with Family in my book UNSTUCKThe Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way. If you’d like more context and further understanding of anything that has you saying to yourself ‘What does that mean? …. Then I invite you to head on over to Amazon to get your copy in paperback, Kindle or Audible. Heck … some have them in all three formats … to listen while driving or on a walk, to read by the pool or lakeside or while on a plane … choose what fits your fancy!



Undistinguished ways of being…

Undistinguished ways of being…

Do you have unidentified embodied habits that drive the bus of your life?

Until we understand what it is to embody our way of operating in alignment with the laws of life, life is just a series of fix-it actions.

Embodied old, automatic operating systems disappear when the entire operating system is aligned with thriving. So, instead of fixing what doesn’t work, we actually come to a life frequency more aligned with how consciousness works. Those old patterns simply cannot exist anymore as they don’t match our new way of plugging into life.

A recent incident with my family is a great example. There are clues how to permanently get out of doing ‘the work’ of fixing our protective identities, or working so hard on repatterning.

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Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others. What does that even really mean?

It’s all over the media and throughout the political spectrum and, as a result, it is probably prevalent in some of your social circles with friends and family.

Where does it come from? Why do we get that way? How do we define it? What frees us from the need to react to it or use righteousness?

The subject of righteousness has come up for me several times in the last couple of months. I was speaking with one of my clients and we could both see so many angles on righteousness. Sometimes I can get that way, but I catch myself because it really doesn’t feel good. It also isn’t an inclusive way of speaking, and blocks fluid shifts. If you are all about making fluid shifts … well, you know.

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Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

The following question was posted by Trudy, one of our Flight School graduates, in our Agents of Awakening Community and I felt it would assist to share my reply in this week’s inspiration in case you missed it, or you’ve not yet joined us there … (what are you waiting for?) 😉

Trudy’s Question: “When do you know to take the lead, knowing what you know, and observing unfolding events as a neutral party?”

The concept that is most important in answering this question well is ‘DOING WHAT PRESENTS’. It’s actually the most simple of concepts, and yet it’s foreign to us as we’re so prone to running around in unconscious survival mode. Kids, groceries, goals, oil changes, banking, relationship reactions, fears about the world or the country, and so on.

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