The Wide Awakening WeeklyFrom the Wide Awakening Weekly, Weds, Jan 14, 2015:
“Have a love affair with the unknown and you’ll be free. Then life will become an adventure instead of something to survive.” ~ Jennifer Hough
I’ve been doing work on our upcoming Love Awakening Workshop. It’s allowing me to look at what changed within me, that I became vulnerable enough to find the love and intimacy I had always dreamed of…..

Here are some thoughts:

  • I became willing to fall in love with myself, as I am, first.
  • I became open to being seen… which made me so vulnerable that neither my sweetie nor I could hide our insecurities, as it was futile.
  • I became compassionate, as I could see how much we were both in the unknown and fumbling about with our communication.
  • I saw that both of us were more interested in deepening the love than we were in hanging onto old, protective habits or in being right.
  • We each became masters at completely disengaging ego and actually changing the energy of the other through love and humour in perfect timing.

Do you want to be safe, or do you want to flourish in your life and in love?  

So what’s it gonna be? An adventurous journey into all that awaits you, you Divine Child of an Infinite Universe, you? Or conditions… defenses… and walls?

Choose…. and then get assistance to remember your true nature. The resources you need show up when you choose.

How the heck do you think we create Heaven on Earth, anyhow? Just saying.

With love, 


Jennifer xoxoxo