The Wide Awakening WeeklyFrom the Wide Awakening Weekly, Weds, Jan 21, 2015:

“When you open your heart to be seen, you not only let yourself out, you also let the entire Universe in.” ~ Jennifer Hough
Did you know that all the Universe wants is your thriving, and — by the way — the Universe is in you, of you and around you? Did you know that your Guides and Angels thrive on your willingness to NOT do it alone? Do you think they get fat eating donuts, waiting for your call (LOL)?

Did you know that making yourself vulnerable means allowing your heart to be seen by another? Did you also know that if you let it be seen, the Universe also gets a peek into your heart’s deepest callings, and responds?

This day, week, month, millennium… let YOUR unique expression (as the piece of the puzzle that the entire Universe knew you were, even before you got here) be seen! If the Universe thought you were a good idea, then just know that everyone else will adjust to the deeper truth of you.

All it takes is you being you.

With love,

Jennifer xoxoxo
P.S. Putting your heart in a jail of protection is like putting a dolphin in a drinking cup. How is the ocean of the Universe supposed to deliver the waves for jumping in, when you’re swimming in a glass of still water? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!!!!