See?!? You Are Your Own Guru : )

Yesterday, we talked about experiencing the love that is, that just is… You learned to look around your world with upgraded eyes, to feel with multidimensional senses.

Today you will be fully immersed into your telomeres. You will have the opportunity to experience communion with your entire body. So be sure to eliminate all distractions, put on a headset (if it helps), and set aside some special time to step into this powerful skillset of multidimensional sensations.

All systems go, Guru! Let’s do it…


Innate Abilities Skill #1

(Day 3) Have the full experience of multidimensional taste, touch, smell, sight and sound


Our Be Your Own Guru Skills Training is just the beginning!

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“Nothing… and I mean nothing I have done in the past has ever held a candle to the understandings I am activating in me from Innate Abilities!!! I cannot express enough… this is the program to sign on for, folks!!!!!! Absolutely a life-changer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for loving me!!!!!!!” ~ Irene, Innate Abilities Graduate

P. S. There’s so much to these amazing experiences that I want to share with you… Here’s a little ‘Tree Shaking’ for you! 

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