Becoming Your Own Guru : )

Today is going to require your full presence, so you’ll want to take your fingers off the keyboard and silence your phone. Let go of all distractions, put a headset on (if it helps), and tune into the concept of your “Innate Abilities.”

Again, pay special attention to the language of Awakening and come to understand this new dimensional way of accessing your abilities as a human being.

Ready? Let’s do it!


Innate Abilities Skill #2

(Day 2) Commune directly with 75 trillion cells and know what every symptom is communicating.


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“I want to send out a big THANK YOU!!!! to Jennifer, Sherryl and the team for making this program such a success. It has been a lifeline for me. I have loved every minute of it. Of all the classes I have taken online, this has been the best ever! Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your love, your wisdom, your energy, and your life with us. I know we all can feel it….” ~ Dondra, Georgia

Hungry for more details? Here’s a powerful little article I wrote for you, “The End of Judgment and the Beginning of Understanding.” 

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