“Our opinions, thoughts and feelings about circumstances mean very little in the grand scheme, as they all come through the filter of our fears. Remember to listen and speak from that perspective and life gets much simpler.” J. Hough (Tweetable) 

When I speak, there are always those that judge and assess the minutia of things I do and say. It is a good reminder for when I do that myself. Remember that the mind’s judgments and ensuing emotional reactions could have much less power over us.

We truly have power when we learn that our mind’s judgments of words/actions come through a filter of trying to stay safe. When we are simply ready to go on the adventure we call life and lean in with wisdom, our life focus changes to creating while flying forward, rather than protecting ourselves ……..and we gain mastery in dancing with life directly without contemplation. From there, we feel the safety of all of our guidance realms.

It’s exhausting to assess each other in order to find the perfectly unflawed friends, lovers and teachers. What if we could fly forward and be masterful with our instincts and our ability to shift any situation?

Fears would seem ‘so last year’…………xoxoxo Jennifer

Jennifer Hough Girl– – – – – – – P.S.
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