Actually Mercury has been in a much grander version of ‘retrograde’ for the last 5000 years, based on human projection of thought forms…….read on and consider, just for the adventure of it……this conversation might free you up.

This may be a little tree shaking for those of you who do work with Astrology, but please just stay with me on this…….as a bridging conversation to an expanding awakening paradigm.  I welcome your comments always.

Consider that Mercury in Retrograde has been living the projection of our mis-interpretation.  The issue right now, is that people have given so much energy to the idea of certain planetary alignments, and that the idea of it is what is causing the majority of the glitches (Not the specific planetary alignment which is relatively inconsequential without our power being given to it).

Here is a good definition of the idea of retrograde

If you read it closely, you will see that the very reason for declaring the entity of “Mercury Retrograde” is an illusion. That in reality what we view with our eyes is not actually what is happening in outer space:

“Periodically, Mercury appears to slow down, then stop, (stationary retrograde) and then move slowly backwards for several weeks (retrograde). Eventually, it appears to stop again and reverse direction (stationary direct) moving slowly forward once again (direct). Eventually Mercury appears to return to its normal orbital speed.  This occurs because Mercury travels faster than the Earth, and it periodically catches up with Earth, passing us by. When Mercury “goes retrograde” it does not actually slow down, stop and move backwards. It only appears to do so.”

We are so powerful, that we don’t need to be the victim of any of it.

The first step is to stop giving the entity of retrograde any power…………….become sovereign………..disengage the idea of it, and the effects will change for you and the planet.  This “thought form” that we have given energy to, is a fascinating idea and that is all it needs to be. Which now means, onward and upward to more productive creative expansive ideas that actually cause more Heaven…..why? because we can.

Oh sure, you’ll see some affects should you engage the concept of Retrograde, but c’mon, you are so much more. You are Creator in Physical Form. Retrograde is possible to transcend.  (Being a victim of retrograde is so last century LOL)

Just slow down.

Get present and be conscious of following the path of most flow (least reaction). Laugh a lot at what’s going on. Take the opportunity to breathe and play with your pets. Go for a walk in the woods and thank the trees for holding the space of pure harmony…….they don’t engage Retrograde, ask them!

Love and hugs… our Global Awakening beyond the density.

Jennifer Hough