Here’s something to consider about overthinking…

Have you ever found yourself replaying conversations in your mind, wishing you could have prevented upset with a loved one? Or perhaps you’ve had imaginary discussions with someone close to you, hoping to achieve a desired outcome. Maybe you’ve even caught yourself overthinking a situation that hasn’t even happened yet, simply out of fear that it might not go the way you want it to.

Everyone does it to some degree or another.

There are a few reasons why we tend to overthink various aspects of our lives, such as situations, events, relationships, projects, and the world around us. Allow me to shed some light on them:

  1. A history of volatility – and so we try to prevent it by overthinking.
  2. Sub-optimal outcomes: Negative past experiences in areas like love, finances, and health can make us hyper-vigilant and fearful of repeating those experiences.
  3. Illusion of control: We often believe that by planning, strategizing, and analyzing every detail, we can create a more predictable and peaceful outcome.

However, it’s important to recognize that when we come from a place of fear, our thoughts are limited to the resources of our brain and our past experiences. Additionally, the fear itself becomes a magnetic force that keeps us stuck in old patterns.

It is not until we make our little robotic way of thinking, super uninteresting that some freedom is created.

The fastest path to answers, solutions and new pathways to expansiveness is to focus in the direction of creativity, fun, friends, puppies and whatever floats your boat……not necessarily on the subject that you are challenged by. It’s about redirecting yourself deliberately in the direction of something expansive even if it means taking a nap or getting a good night’s sleep.

Create space when you feel desperate, and don’t take any action until your energy is aligned. Remember, finding this alignment can take time—perhaps a day or even a week. So be patient with yourself.

With love,



Undistinguished ways of being…

Undistinguished ways of being…

Do you have unidentified embodied habits that drive the bus of your life?

Until we understand what it is to embody our way of operating in alignment with the laws of life, life is just a series of fix-it actions.

Embodied old, automatic operating systems disappear when the entire operating system is aligned with thriving. So, instead of fixing what doesn’t work, we actually come to a life frequency more aligned with how consciousness works. Those old patterns simply cannot exist anymore as they don’t match our new way of plugging into life.

A recent incident with my family is a great example. There are clues how to permanently get out of doing ‘the work’ of fixing our protective identities, or working so hard on repatterning.

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Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others

Righteousness in yourself and others. What does that even really mean?

It’s all over the media and throughout the political spectrum and, as a result, it is probably prevalent in some of your social circles with friends and family.

Where does it come from? Why do we get that way? How do we define it? What frees us from the need to react to it or use righteousness?

The subject of righteousness has come up for me several times in the last couple of months. I was speaking with one of my clients and we could both see so many angles on righteousness. Sometimes I can get that way, but I catch myself because it really doesn’t feel good. It also isn’t an inclusive way of speaking, and blocks fluid shifts. If you are all about making fluid shifts … well, you know.

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Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

Why ‘doing what is presenting’ is so important

The following question was posted by Trudy, one of our Flight School graduates, in our Agents of Awakening Community and I felt it would assist to share my reply in this week’s inspiration in case you missed it, or you’ve not yet joined us there … (what are you waiting for?) 😉

Trudy’s Question: “When do you know to take the lead, knowing what you know, and observing unfolding events as a neutral party?”

The concept that is most important in answering this question well is ‘DOING WHAT PRESENTS’. It’s actually the most simple of concepts, and yet it’s foreign to us as we’re so prone to running around in unconscious survival mode. Kids, groceries, goals, oil changes, banking, relationship reactions, fears about the world or the country, and so on.

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