Heart breaking, yet still possible!

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“There is absolutely NO value in stirring the pot,
or talking about things that you know are going to cause polarity.
If you desire a better world and life,
this is a time for bridge building, not wall building.”

Jennifer Hough

After a week of hearing from friends and family about polarizing posts online, from every side of every issue, I thought I might offer a heartfelt bridge to a more freeing, empowering perspective.

It can seem hard, can’t it? Kinda breaks my heart to see so many families, friends and lovers arguing about all the “charged” subjects flying around social media.

The laws of physics say that if you argue for your opinion because you are afraid, you are activating everything you are afraid of.

The laws of physics also say that if you are attached to any opinion being the truth, then the evidence for that point of view will be magnetic to you. Your point of view will seem so true; hence, deep polarity between people right now.

But is that the reason why there is polarity? NOOOOO!!

FIRST, the choice to deliberately engage subjects that cause division, without being a highly skilled communicator, is a choice to activate more of what is not wanted. Period.

(And even being a highly skilled communicator is often not enough for what is going on between people right now).

SECOND, pushing against anything takes away your freedom TO FULLY BE who you are, and remain in your thriving flow. THAT is the only freedom that exists. In physics, there is always a way to receive what you desire. Always. If you are holding someone else responsible for your suffering, there is no way for possibility to show up for you, because you are telling consciousness that THEY are the reason you aren’t thriving. And so it is, says consciousness.


It’s not about what you do or don’t do; it is not about what someone else says, believes or does. This is about you staying in your flow. Being in your groove. Living in the overflow you deserve.

THE LAWS OF PHYSICS SAY that if we each do that, and stay in our heart, and stay in our presence and act accordingly, that we will find our way home, both individually and collectively.

If you want to use someone else as your excuse to disconnect from “all that is,” infinite wisdom, and that which allows you to flourish, then you may. You have free will to do so. However, that will instantly put you in the tornado of polarity and stop you from being magnetic to what you desire and what would make you flourish. And, you are in no way adding to this being a better world at the same time.

To all of my friends on every side of every issue, you know that I love you. The reason we hang out as friends and family has nothing to do with your points of view. It has to do with your heart, your passion, and your yearning that the world could be a better place.

I am so appreciative of your willingness to dance with it all.

With love,


You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

You were not born to fit in with anyone else…

I wanted to share with you how grateful I am to my colleague Shannon, for my new favorite question:

“What is the most fulfilling thing I can do, with the least amount of effort, that uses my abilities the most, while making the biggest difference and has me waking up inspired every day?”

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It never gets old!

It never gets old!

What a day full of rain showed me as I walked up to the top of a hill to do my daily evening practice…

Once I was at the top of the hill, I noticed in the distance were the mountains to the left and clouds that had spent a whole week here, were moving away. The sun was peeping through as it was going down. The rays of light were spectacular on the mountains.

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A little tree shaking…

A little tree shaking…

I used to be VERY teacher-like (my Mom was a teacher, so I come by it honestly).

I was just used to it; I never questioned being that way. However, I didn’t realize what it cost me, and that was MY POWER.

It put me above people. It looked as though I had it all handled, and I didn’t. As a result, I also attracted people who wanted to give their power away to me.

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