Photo By: Tyler Milligan

“Being vulnerable to the entire Universe not only lets more of you out,
it also let’s more of Infinite Wisdom in. Both are blessings.”

Jennifer Hough

I was just thinking about my journey in life so far: I know my heart was always calling me forward, and mostly I had no idea what it was calling me toward.

Have you ever felt that?

So often, I wonder, “If I knew what was coming, would I have said “yes” to quitting my corporate job?” The answer is likely “no.” I didn’t realize at the time that my future self was calling me forward through a series of “heart whispers,” which I followed.

That little voice was a THING! And listening to it changed my life.

Following that calling gave me courage, gave me confidence, and caused me to be inspired to teach others how to follow their own hearts’ callings, with much more clarity and passion than I ever had.

The part that made the journey hard was that my mind wanted to know the end results, and the “how do I get there” part before I was willing to engage. But, I realized that I would never start anything, or keep going, if I kept living that way.

I’m grateful and honored that I get to spend my life assisting people to master the ability to ‘go direct’ with their own Innate Wisdom… and to get excited by NOT KNOWING intellectually, while having confidence in their knowing metaphysically.

If you are reading this, you have human Super Powers that are lying dormant because they are not being used.

It’s time for us all to wake up; you feel it, right? I sure do. The world is asking for us all to become Super Heroes… it is our natural birthright (I think Stan Lee is smiling down from Heaven as I write this, LOL).

Just tickling your telomeres, gorgeous!

We were born to be alchemical. You were born to have it all come to you. This world was gifted to us as a playground… and if it isn’t occurring to you like a playground, then it’s time for an upgrade.

With love,