“Saying, ‘I should be further along my path than I am,’ might be the equivalent of saying: ‘I’m going to make up a goal that is neither attainable nor in Universal timing, then I’m going to use it to sabotage myself from being present to the miraculous unfolding journey I am actually on.’ Just saying.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Expectations are funny things, aren’t they? Here’s a clue about finding freedom from the attachments and misery they can create: YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MADE THEM UP… NOT INFINITE WISDOM. You see, Infinite Wisdom already has you on your unfolding path.

Your job is not to make up fictitious goals, so that you can beat yourself up about not attaining them. Your job is to catch up to the dance you are already in, and dance it to the best of your abilities, singing and dancing as you go.

It’s not about fate… nope. You have been setting these things in motion before you got here, when you were little, and as you had dreams. You have enough of those to last many lifetimes, so, uh, maybe let’s catch up to the miraculous unfolding life that is already happening as a result…

Love you!



P.S. I just finished correcting myself saying, “as soon as the reason for my existence became clear,” and I changed it to, “as soon as I caught up to the magnificence of my unfolding journey that was already happening.” Very freeing and relieving to realize…

P.P.S. I hope I can help you catch up to your unfolding journey at some point in our dance together… muah!