“Most people could use compassion much more than advice.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweetable)

Hi there,

The remembering of ‘who we are’ as brilliant magnificent creative beings is amping up.  As our collective asking for more harmony expands, we feel the call to fly and operate at more “love-based” frequencies……and as we emanate more harmony and behave from a default position of love, the old patterns and hurts become dissolved, making them so much less interesting.

See below for information about your Human Innate Abilities, our Upcoming Workshops, Get Out of Your Own Way and a juicy Radio Show next week……

FYI – THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY SHIFTS IN ONE WEEK – Physical Upgrades, Earthly upgrades in the form of volcanic activity and Earth Quakes, Mass amounts of density leaving in very short periods of time, judgments coming up and an opportunity to upgrade in a massive way…….more to come (I’ll write a note about it), but just letting you know you are not alone. You have to see this…..



Jennifer xoxoxo