From The Wide Awakening Weekly, May 6, 2015

Aren’t you in your body for a reason?

“If you were meant to be more concerned about others’ feelings than yours, you would have been designed to live through their bodies instead.” ~ Jennifer Hough  

Dearest One,

Ahhh, martyrdom. It has been deemed noble by so many, yet it makes us so concerned about how everyone else feels that we forget about ourselves.  Cough cough, clear my throat… Ahem… May I assist?

REALLY?  Let me put it another way. Your own heart is in your body for a reason…

Each of us living fully in touch with our heart’s calling, means that we are each listening to Infinite Wisdom speaking through our Heart. Don’t you think that Infinite Wisdom considers what is in the “Highest Good” for everyone else before it inspires you to take action? Could it be that simple?

Would you be willing to resign as General Manager of the Universe and enjoy your life, knowing that it can only be in the highest for the world at large? (compassionately, with wisdom always… not hedonistically) because now you are an example… just saying!


Jennifer  xoxoxo 

Now what are you gonna do with all the free time ?? LOL!

If this resonates for you, maybe it will for your friends, too…

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