“Consider that chasing achievements, in and of itself, is a distraction from our true purpose. Our goals are simply excuses to go on the journey, so you can have experiences and people to enjoy, while creating upon Creation.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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We met this incredible lady while we were in Maui. Rowdi is 20 years old. She is 62.5% native Hawaiian, and one of only two native Hawaiians among the hundred or so tour guides in Maui. We met her on the water in a kayak at Makenna beach.

Rowdi was a delight, with an amazing openness about the mystical aspects of life. Her ancestry is steeped in it, so we asked her about her history. She, Adam and I had the most amazing discussions, after paddling out to one little point in the ocean. We laughed and debated.

While the other kayaks chased whales, we enjoyed, were grateful, and fell in love with each other. The whales always eventually made their way over to us, and we hardly paddled! We realized more whales swam around the three of us than any other tour we witnessed!

What if you pursued life to enjoy, and dived into what is right before you? What would come to you? Just wondering…

With love,

P.S. Detachment comes when you need nothing, but enjoy everything. It is the access to an expansive life where you see how much you were always loved.