Oh, What a ride this year is already, right?

The year has barely begun and already there is so much energy moving that sometimes it’s hard to make heads or tails from it. We are riding the new waves of possibility, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.  

You, like so many others, may be wondering:

What is the theme of this year in consciousness?  

How can I upgrade now?

How do I line my actions up with that flow of consciousness?

What’s coming up to leave in the Cosmic Car wash, so I’m prepared?

Alternatively, you might find yourself flying so high that it’s a bit of a stretch to get your feet planted firmly on the ground, here in 3D. I, myself, as well as the rest of the TWA team, have certainly had our share of incredible contrasts already.

I was so moved by such a fundamental shift in energy that I created a very special Monthly Wake-Up Call, “Activating The Year of Thriving in Your Own Genius.”

It’s my gift to you in this new year.

This message is one of remembrance. In times of great change, it can sometimes be difficult to stay connected to your innate wisdom. Yet, it’s that very same quality that will most serve you in the coming year. Think of this video as my way of reminding you of your own true genius, and expanding into the coming future with ease!

Here’s to our journey into the unknown, together, in new year!

Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team