A visionary leader is not a manager

Picture Credits – Jennie Selda

A visionary leader sees the possibility for change, feels a passion for a different future, and is called to something more than currently exists. They’re okay with not only shaking their own internal tree, but also those of others, creating fresh evolutionary pathways for themselves, and those around them.

In contrast, a manager takes what is, making the existing situation work and perhaps even improving it, if they’re good. A manager loves to organize, more than push the envelope of what is acceptable to society.

Neither one is better than the other because society needs both systems for success.

The problem is that most goal-based systems make a visionary feel confined, controlled and uninspired. Do you know anyone designing systems to support visionaries? I don’t!

Characteristically, intuitive visionary leaders:

1. Are sensitive;
2. Have an built-in incongruency meter – a ‘BS meter – when it comes to relationships and plans; and
3. Often felt misunderstood when they were little.

A natural manager on the other hand:

1. Is methodical;
2. Values harmony above all else; and
3. Knows how to keep to, and loves, keeping the flow going.

Without a system that supports both of them there is always tension between them. If you try to do both, you’ll find yourself drawn to one way of being and less energized by the other.

I’d love to hear whether youre a visionary or a natural manager – do let me know.

Can’t wait to hear!

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Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

Should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong?

“… Money is a big, fraught topic for most people because they think it’s what makes the world go round. Uh, by the way, it’s not. Magnetics makes the world go round, both figuratively and literally.”

So, if that’s the case and we have beliefs about money (we all do), should we spend the rest of our lives fixing our beliefs because they’re wrong? I will depart from the answer I would typically give on this subject.

Why? Because the ideas about money in this world have such a stronghold on our reality that it takes a pure outlook on the subject, with no strings attached, for someone to let the past belief go and let abundance flow.

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Our body loves us so much it will never lie

Our body loves us so much it will never lie

When we get disease symptoms, it’s like being told the painful truth by our most faithful friend. It might be painful to hear coming from such a trusted companion but, in hearing it, we can more deeply appreciate the feedback and take enthusiastic action to deal with the problem.

For some of us, our first response to any ill health might be to simply ignore the symptoms, convincing ourselves there’s nothing to worry about and the symptoms, not given any energy, will simply pass. Abraham-Hicks (a channel) describes doing this as “like putting a happy face on an empty gas tank or a flashing engine light.”

The first thing to understand in this ‘Brain Bridge’ is that your cells, and your health, are warning you about paradigms and beliefs currently living through you which deviate from your most fulfilling path forward.

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