Time for evolutionary change!

Embodiment is where it’s at these days … and 2023 is about the rubber-hitting the road for those visionaries who know there is more to life. No more just talking about it!

It is also time for evolutionary change, a new book instead of a new chapter in your life, and finding ways to live out all you’ve imagined by engaging your superpowers. It became clear to me that I am working with visionaries during one of our recent calls with soul family and in my one-on-one intensives. I wonder whether you see yourself that way or not?

We’re in a new era with evolved ways of finding our way to flow, flourishing and then ultimately flying. We can do that together in the brand new Embodiment workshop. The beta version is where it begins!

Is this you?

1. You want to follow uncommon wisdom.

2. Youre averse to following someone else’s guidelines for you, and crave your own innate wisdom.

3. You had the good fortune of not fitting in, which facilitated you finding your own way.

4. You feel called by something bigger than yourself.

5. You are up for change, but generally don’t have a system for flourishing, so often feel a little unsure or ungrounded in your vision.

6. You have serious seeker genetics.

7. You want the deepest experience of what’s possible in life.

I have not seen a single system that is for freedom-seeking visionaries with a spiritual bent. You want to make the greatest difference, with the least amount of effort, while waking up inspired every day!

What if there was a system to embody, and move through life, that sets free your ability to go direct with clarity and confidence while still being the weird and wonderful YOU that you are?!

I can’t wait to pay forward a freedom-giving system that transcends the need to judge ourselves for not fitting in with the ways of the survival-based world.

With love,


June is a month of great change…

June is a month of great change…

This is a really important update from my heart to yours… because we can’t get away with sneaking in under the radar anymore.

June is a month of great change and I wanted to share some awarenesses with you which I hope are helpful:

1. YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF NEEDING MORE SPACE AND TIME – Pay Attention To Your Body: The speed of change is going to quicken significantly.

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Sometimes people have this flawed idea that I have it together …

Sometimes people have this flawed idea that I have it together …

Sometimes people have this flawed idea that I have it together … I certainly tried to!

It was exhausting because I still thought I had to be perfect to be loved.


I was chasing love, or maybe I was confusing love with acceptance. That’s just one major personal shift that happened on my TEDx journey!

If ever there was a time in my life when I saw that perfection is overrated, it was in creating, practicing and delivering my TEDx Talk. My passion for humanity is so much more important than how it looked in the process – what a journey!

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“Fascinating” is definitely a word for these times.

“Fascinating” is definitely a word for these times.

“Fascinating” is definitely a word for these times.

Here’s what’s up my friend.

We’re being sandwiched between a solar eclipse and the alignment of the planets.

By June 3, the planets will be fully aligned – stay tuned, I’ll be announcing an event soon!

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just experienced the greatest solar flare blast in 20 years. The Southern Hemisphere got it, too; but the Aurora Borealis wasn’t visible there.

These are events that affect us both physically AND metaphysically.

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