Welcome to Wings
Your Flight School Alumni Community

This community is for graduates of Flight School who feel called forward, and who want to live life in the powerful, expanding trajectory in a community of leading-edge bridge builders..

The power of coming together creates a vortex that comes from mutual understanding, compassion, curiosity and being “seen” at a level that most will never experience. It is an honor to co-create from that space, support each other, and provide a soft place to land, as we dive into the glorious unknown together. That is what Wings is all about.

The energy of this group’s compassion and love activates two things: (1) It neutralizes any remains of unheard suffering, which opens the body to receive all it needs to be energized, and (2) it expands your journey to a level only possible when beings like us exponentiate each other.

That, my friends, opens the doorways to quantum flow!

This community consists of pioneers and leaders of change. A leader inspires others to a common vision, while a pioneer is inspired to create on the leading edge; sometimes we are both! It is so special when pioneers find each other, because then we are not alone on the leading edge.

Although being alone is an illusion we can choose, it is not the journey for which we came here. We came to discover how much love we can emanate, because it is directly proportional to how much magic we are able to let in. I’m excited to flourish together. Ya baby. Let’s do this!

~ J.Hough


OUR PURPOSE IN WINGS: We seek to connect, support and further empower our Flight School alumni to join a network of powerful leaders and Agents of Awakening, as the leading edge of consciousness expands. The creation of Wings reflects our hope that this is the continuation of a deep and meaningful relationship for our network of bridge builders. Wings is here to assist all graduates to fly forward, and to keep the energy and momentum moving through co-creation, supporting each other’s projects, and utilizing the genius of this pioneering community to build personal, local and global bridges!


In Wings, there have been insights since Flight School, like… Letting the Universe provide… and it has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the things that I thought were my “big dreams” might possibly be too small? But that’s probably OK, because I know that the Universe will facilitate me to whatever it is that’s in my highest and best. I will still be sticking my oar in as I try to take over the steering, and I know I will continue to argue, complain, sulk, cry, forget, regret, judge, demand, roll my eyes, and generally get in my own way as I craft the life that is still to come. But, my goodness, I’m ready to go forward with an awareness of my frailties and, what’s even more significant for me, an appreciation of my awesomeness as well.

Ann M

Benefits of Being a Part of Wings

  • YOUR COMMUNITY:  Co-create, share, and network with your expansive Flight School Alumni family, as we continue to navigate this journey together on our monthly Deep Dive calls and Mastermind calls.
  • GAINING CLARITY:  Go ahead and ask the “out there” global or personal questions about your business, love, health, abundance, relationships, Star Seeds, human Super Powers, and the current changes in the world on our private AOA Wings group page.
  • STAY ON THE LEADING EDGE OF THE SHIFTS, SO YOU CAN MAINTAIN FLOW:  As you learn and integrate the new skills made available in recent shifts in consciousness, the monthly DNA upgrades will allow for an expanded capacity in your ability to flow directly with life, beyond the filters.
  • SUPPORT YOURSELF AND OTHERS TO BE IN FLOW CONSISTENTLY:  Get even more connected to your Super Powers, such that you can find your miracle zone, no matter what is going on in your life.
  • MOMENTUM WITHOUT DOUBT: Have the benefit of the collective group’s ability to tap into life’s flow together, so that you don’t get pulled by what is going on around you politically, in your family, or with projects. It’s AMAZING to have a high vibration community that is a place of support; finding answers and deeper understanding, so you can fly forward with consistency, beyond self-doubt!
  • FEEDBACK FROM PEERS: Get valuable feedback from your Wings family on graphics, websites, books, marketing approaches, relationship issues, health issues, workshop topics, speaking skills, and so much more.
  • EXPANDING THE TORUS:  Experience more love/soul connections with your expanded community of Flight School alumni, so you can stay in your flow with the frequency of the Universe.
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: Experience experts in the field of relationships, health, spirituality, Star Seeds, sacred geometry, business, writing, and so much more in our monthly Wings Mastermind calls.

What’s Included

  • Private Online Community for WINGS: A community to share, and brainstorm, your project ideas for feedback (from others and our Team). A place to receive guidance, tools, and activations from each other.
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls (1.5 hours / ZOOM ): Collaborative Conversations with experts in the field of business, science & spirituality, global leaders and changemakers plus a Q&A Session.
  • Monthly Deep Dive Calls (2 hours / ZOOM): A powerful complement to your Wings journey. In addition to our bi-monthly Mastermind calls, join your Deep Dive family comprised of  our new Flight School group, Advanced Guidance members and Wings for an expansive and deep dive conversation where we talk about all that is presenting to stay aligned with the shifts in consciousness.
  • The opportunity to practice with a group of peers: Powerful opportunities to try out your new thoughts, teachings, workshops, or even just do a hot seat together, to help you gain insight on what you are up to.
  • Share your business with our TWA Community: Get your business posted on TheWideAwakening.com website under “Our Favorite People” page. You can submit your information here: https://thewideawakening.com/our-favorite-people/
  • An invitation to the ANNUAL WINGS RETREAT : As a Wings member, you will be invited to our annual Wings retreat. This is where we will be communing, upgrading, sharing business skills training, participating in hot seats for those who want focused assistance, and spending time connecting with each other in play and fun.
  • Continued 1:1’s with Jennifer at 50% off.
  • An introduction to companies/resource/people that TWA has vetted, providing online support, relationship support, business resources, and galactic/consciousness resources: This is designed to make your life easier and more fluid in your day-to-day adventures. An introduction to each other’s genius, so you can experience complementary support from those who understand your “unicorn” nature. A listing of all your favorite resources as well, so no one has to reinvent the wheel.
  • PARTICIPATION IN ONE (1) IN-PERSON / ONLINE EVENT PER YEAR: This is not transferable to another year. The program cost is waived, but does not include food or accommodations.
  • Lifetime Access to our Agents of Awakening Community includes:
    • Lighting You Up
    • Book Club
    • Awakening Conversations – Monthly
    • Innate Abilities (all updated Innate Abilities)
    • Yessence Technique Homestudy
    • Master Activation Series
    • Awakening Alchemist
    • 12 Days of Awakening
    • 12 Dimensions of DNA
    • Get Out of Your Own Way™ Previous Online Programs
    • Thriving Operating System

  • Watch the trajectory of your life expand into more and more fluidity in every area, as we activate, co-create, and “see” each other.
  • Clean up old density at light speed, by Awakening in a uniquely powerful way that is born from our delicious collective wisdom.
  • Find confidence in yourself, and continued clarity about who you are, and why you’re here. Evolve your ability to gain clarity at recognizing what is unfolding in front of you.
  • Experience a sense of peace and a powerful knowing that, even if you don’t know, you will always see the perfect action steps presenting in perfect timing… no more contemplation… simply flying!


$197 USD
per month for a 12-month subscription


$1997 USD

per year for an annual subscription


I am just listening to the Wings recordings, and I felt so fricking excited all over again! I can’t even tell you how mind-blowing and activating the Wings retreat was for me! It was like Flight School on steroids, and I loooooved the interplay between us all… on a level of consciousness I hadn’t experienced in that way before. We need to find a way to bottle this shit up and sell it! Forever grateful and loving you so!

Glenda L.
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Photos by Jeannie Selda