“Looking inside your history for answers is like trying to find solutions with the same mind that caused the problem. Thanks, Einstein.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

While it may seem that there is nothing but chaos running amok lately, we need to remember that just because something “seems” to be chaotic, there is a different reality. Consciousness is dancing with all of it from the greater view of the why’s and the how’s. Infinite wisdom does not perceive anything as “disastrous, calamities, etc.” Every event (whether we see it as good or bad) in this world is either to catalyze action, give evidence of a reality that people are asleep to, or Awaken inspiration from within so that we can build bridges.

We are here to dance, to play, and to co-create with the Universe. The sun is still rising, shining beautifully upon us; the trees lovingly produce the air we breathe, babies are born, puppies wag their tails, people go out on picnics, kids hold doors for their gramma’s, neighbours bake cookies for someone who might be lonely, and the world is still spinning. You can be a catalyst for all of this by taking action that expands the feelings of greater harmony… or simply keep witnessing and collecting evidence for the illusion of separation based on old habits. It’s simply a conscious choice; don’t make it complicated.

We are living in overflow and abundance, every day, in every way. Even if there are times of loss, and feelings of darkness, those beautiful things are there. In this week’s video, I go into detail about the overflow and abundance that is our reality, and yet we can take them for granted. So, please join me in this excerpt from our wonderful Quantum Wake Up Calls™, and be sure to sign up to join us for this week’s Call on Thursday. For more on how we experience overflow and abundance daily, watch here…

With an open heart,


We Live in Overflow and Abundance

Let’s take our consciousness behind our eyes: let’s take our consciousness way back into the entire, entire Universe. Let’s actually recognize ourselves at one level as simply particles of the entire Universe.

Now, let’s experience ourselves as not One with the Universe, but actually a particle of consciousness; an aspect of expression of consciousness within that vast Universe. So, we’re everything, and we’re also human at the same time.

From this place, we’re just going to have the experience (without getting too excited, or thinking of doing it wrong; that’s just your mind and we know that by now). The mind doesn’t mean very much; it’s simply a yakkity-yak computer that’s yakkity-yakking. So, for now, you can have the yakkity-yak off to the side over here. So you’re all of it; you’re literally creation, but you’re also this consciousness; you are your personality with your individual skill sets and your experiences. But, at the same time, you’re also all of it right now.

Now, from this place, can you get that there’s not even a concept of overflow? That’s because all is possible. Can you feel that? The concept of overflow is truly a human-invented paradigm. But what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna take our deepest knowing that is available to us, and we’re initiating a portal; being all of it and yet, still human.

Now, we’re going to come back to that portal again in a bit. Meanwhile, we’re gonna keep our consciousness behind our eyes, through our Pineal Gland, so the fact that we’re all of it, and we are consciousness, is coming through us right now. Next, we’re gonna take that knowingness, and we’re gonna start to look at that human part of the collective and individual experience. For instance….I do currently have a home. That’s true. Maybe I’m in debt, but I still have a home, or a place, or an apartment, or a tent. And I also have some food, I am also nourished. I also get liquids. I’m here, I have my share of air… it’s all good.

I’m going to ask a question that’s going to cause your logical brain to search for answers outside of your history. As soon as you start searching for answers outside of your history, you’re looking into Cosmic Consciousness for something more than what you already know. We want to do that. We want to go into our right-brain, and ask questions that cause us to go into Cosmic Consciousness. Here’s the question: Have you ever, in the history of your existence, had an experience where consciousness did not deliver enough air? I’m not talking about drowning or being choked, because that’s baloney; what I’m talking about right now is, has it ever happened that there hasn’t been enough air for you when you’re walking around free in the streets? And,if you wanted more air (like if you’re running or exercising), was there always enough air, more than enough air? Even with everything we do to supposedly restrict the ecology; interesting how there’s still enough air. Not only is there enough air, but I would venture to say that there’s an overflow of air. So, you’re experiencing overflow every day. In fact, I would say that if you were tootling along and you thought, “Oh my god, I’m running out of energy!”… if there was something that really inspired you, have you ever found the energy? When you said, “there’s no way I can carry on?”

So… question: Are you willing to see that you’ve already been living in some way, shape or form, from a certain kind of abundance, and that you’ve already been experiencing it, and to say that you’ve never experienced it, or you don’t know what it feels like, is actually not true? You just so take for granted the overflow that already exists. Right? We so take for granted the overflow that already exists, that we don’t own it as something that we’ve already manifested. It’s already so. It’s already true. It’s already here.