“The Miracle Zone is always available to those who choose to enjoy the dance, rather than accomplish it.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: By Jeannie Selda : Trip with Flight School – Tofino

Dear You:

Are you someone who tries to control outcomes, and forgets to enjoy the journey? Yep, I’ve been there myself… many years ago. The great thing is that life loves us so much, that when we temporarily forget that life is an adventure, and we try to control it, our bodies and minds get exhausted. Yay for the re-direct to grab our attention! Remember, the appropriate response to contrast is always, “Thank You.”

This week, please enjoy this super yummy excerpt from our Monthly Wake Up Call™, and find your way to doing what presents, rather than carrying every “Should, Must, and Have-To.”

Watch here…

With an open heart,