“Why be comfortable in your safety, when you can be expansive in your dance with life, realizing that safety is assumed and comfort is a distraction from the dance?”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

We are here in Maui, and so much is unfolding… the most cosmic series of circumstances. Here are just a few fun examples to tickle your telomeres:

  • On the first day, we talked about “being a fairy on a dragon;” be magical, while being an inspired warrior for what you know is true for you.
  • On the second day, a participant gave me a crystal flying dragon that he purchased for me before he got to Maui. Hmmmm…
  • And two days ago, we went to Mount Haleakala and saw where Creation began, down into the crater (or is it Creator, LOL?). We all had amazing visions. It inspired a conversation about truly choosing to be here as a full- fledged human being with all our Innate Abilities fully integrated, and willing to play with it all! We talked about what it takes to change the direction of a civilization that, according to the media, is going to hell in a handbasket, and came to some powerful conclusions.
  • Then, we watched “Tomorrowland,” which summed up our whole week in a movie.
  • Yesterday, we had a guide who was integrating with her Innate Abilities as a seer, and had no one to talk to. We assisted her, as we paddled to swim with the turtles. She couldn’t believe that this work and this group existed, and that she got to be our guide. “Rowdy” was her name.

The Universe is constantly wanting to show, validate, and love us at every turn.   Are you looking for safety? Or, are you looking for the adventure you are being called to? Either way, you will find it.

With love and Aloha…

With love,

P.S. I wish you flow… but I can’t choose it for you. I can only see your magnificence, and make sure you know you’re not alone… the rest is all up to you.