Yep, it’s my birthday on the summer Solstice (not really a surprise, right? lol). I’m with my parents on a beautiful island in Ontario, and I was so overflowing with love and appreciation for them, the beauty and you, that I wanted to spread this gratitude to you with a gift.

First is our weekly video message for you!  In this video, I share one of the most important tree-shaking truths about physics, and also the greatest misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction. If you can integrate and truly allow this message to permeate your cells, it will take you a long way toward thriving at a whole other level. Enjoy, and please pass it on to anyone you know it will assist.

Here’s my gift to you: 50% off, until June 30th, for any one (1) of these two special programs with my birthday coupon code of ‘BDAY50’ :

1. Annual subscription for Monthly Wake-Up Calls – These powerful calls are live and interactive with me, and so much fun. It’s a wonderful community of Awakening seekers on the leading edge. Ask your questions, get the downloads, and upgrade with activations for the month to come, so you can live in ongoing fluidity, supported in your amazing magnificence to fly forward. (Upcoming subjects: Our Star Seed Nature; What’s Important to Know about Our Galactic Ancestry; Why Your Purpose Matters; and how to Live It Without Doubt ). CLICK HERE to subscribe – Reg. $333 USD  Birthday Special 50% off: $166.50!

2. NEW PROGRAM!  Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Living Your LIfe’s Purpose with Clarity – ONLINE
So many people are being called to be in their grooves of contribution to humanity in these times of great change. It’s so important that we upgrade our understanding, learn to ‘go direct’ with guidance, and have clarity of why we are here and are able to put that inspiration into action, without doubting ourselves… in total abundance of love, finance and flow.  

CLICK HERE to get it – Reg. $397 USD  Birthday Special 50% off:  $198.50 USD! 

Here’s to celebrating your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth. So grateful to be sharing this Awakening adventure with you!


With an Open and Grateful Heart,



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Author, speaker, and Awakening Coach Jennifer Hough offers some practical steps to help you step into all the possibilities that are available in 2018!